Father’s Day Gift Guide, Part 1: Five Gifts Under $125

Editor’s Note: This is the first of three articles in this series. Each article has a maximum price ($125.00 or less, $75.00 or less and $25.00 or less). We have listed retailers that have these items in stock at time of publication. Have a Happy Father’s Day! *Images courtesy of manufacturers. 

Father’s Day can be difficult for a number of reasons. Believe it or not, you may have a loved one in your life who is not completely in tune with the latest piece of kit you’ve been craving. Or perhaps they feel like everything you really want you’ve already bought yourself. There’s also a common misconception that the only good Father’s Day gift is an extremely expensive gun or piece of high-tech gear. In an effort to help these loved ones, I’ve written this series of three articles that set out to provide an easy list of great gifts that you’ll love in their price range.

When I began compiling these gift ideas I had a few requirements in mind. First and foremost: no junk! I wanted everything to be quality. I also decided to only include products that I could, would, or have used myself. Finally, every item must be available for retail or online shopping; in other words, I’m not going to suggest something that is essentially unobtainable.

So guys, when you get asked that question: “Dad?” (or “Honey?”) “What would you like for Father’s Day?” just forward them this list of great gifts under $125.

CRKT Clever Girl – Designed by Austin McGlaun

I first had the opportunity to see the CRKT Clever Girl knife at the 2016 Shot Show. I was looking over their knives in the Forged By War program, which is a great organization that works with combat veterans with PTSD. This program uses knife and toolmaking as a portion of its treatment, and from that program this great series of knives was born. The Clever Girl is a vicious-looking little thing. Every detail of this knife screams “serious warrior,” right down to the kydex sheath. You will not be disappointed with this blade, and you’ll be contributing to a meaningful program by purchasing it. Retail: $125.


CRKT Clever Girl knife
CRKT Clever Girl2


Fix It Sticks with Pouch

When I first saw the Fix It Sticks, I shrugged and thought “Oh, another gun toolkit. Like I don’t already have several of those lying around.” After looking it over (because I just can’t help myself…) I realized that these actually had some very important tools that I had not seen in a kit before. If I just told you about how neatly everything in the kit goes from “together” to “apart,” that might not tweak your interest. However, when I mention that it includes torque limiters, the gun mechanics out there look up from their phones. We all have a tendency to over-torque everything on our guns when, in reality, what they really need is the correct amount of torque and a little bit of thread locker. This kit has every tool that you could imagine, and two different torque limiters. Retail: $112.
Kit includes:

  • 65 Inch lbs. miniature torque limiter
  • 25 Inch lbs. miniature torque limiter
  • Set of replaceable Fix It Sticks
  • 16 different bits
  • 1/2″ Socket and 1/4″ bit adapter set
  • Tactical Tailor-designed pouch
Fix It Sticks1
Fix It Sticks2

SureFire Titan Plus Keychain Light

These days, you can’t open a webpage without seeing an advertisement for the latest and greatest flashlight, guaranteed to burn rabbit fur at 100 yards and instantly blind small children from 50. Order today! The government is going to outlaw them! They’re just too dang bright!

All that aside, Surefire has come out with a really useful product with the Titan Plus Keychain Light. This handy little light runs on one AAA battery. It’ll deliver 300 lumens for an hour, 75 lumens for two hours, or 15 lumens for seven hours. 300 lumens is sufficient to do serious work with. This is the perfect Low Profile every day carry flashlight, and it has a quick-detach ring that allows for quick and easy access when needed. Retail: $99.99.

SureFire Titan Plus
SureFire Titan Plus2

First Tactical Recoil Range Bag

After just a few trips to the range, everyone begins their search for the “perfect range bag.” For many shooters, this is one of several never-ending quests. Well, I think I may be on to the perfect range bag. The Recoil Range Bag from First Tactical is made from tough 600D polyester and closed-foam padding to keep your gear from taking a beating. It has a pull-out carrier with dividers, outside cleaning pocket storage, and the zippers even lock together to keep you from spilling the contents of your bag all over the range. Retail: $89.99.

First Tactical Recoil Range Bag1
First Tactical Recoil Range Bag2

Hornady Case & Parts Dryer

Two major changes have taken place over the last few years that make this nearly a required product for the serious shooter or re-loader. The first event is the onslaught of plastic “Wonder Guns.” I’ll be the first to admit that I’m known to scrub them out and hose them off. But then you’re left with something that’s a little less difficult to dry than a wet dog. Odds are, either of these will dry themselves long before taking a towel to them will get you anywhere. The Hornady Case & Parts Dryer is the perfect solution to your wet pistol problem (although I wouldn’t recommend trying to stick your dog in it). The second major change I’m referring to is the recent trend of wet-cleaning brass, either through tumbling or ultra-sonic. But again, you’re left with the wet dog conundrum. Sure, it’s nice and clean, but how the heck do you dry it? The answer is the Hornaday Case & Parts Dryer; it’s made for the job. Retail: $76.67.

Hornady Case & Parts Dryer1
Hornady Case & Parts Dryer2


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  • Tom Horn June 13, 2016, 7:57 pm

    Had, Clever Girl, on my wish list for almost a year, before finally getting around to purchasing her, this month. If you like up-swept Persians, than how can you resist her sexy lines. A beautiful and innovative design. Kudos to Austin McGlaun, for the design of this great knife. Excellent ergonomic, and it will slice and dice, as needed. If Dad is into knives, he’ll like this bad girl. Hey, if you get another crappy tie, or a BBQ oven mitt, I think you deserve to treat yourself to a fine piece of cutlery. Can be had for about $80.

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