Five Gun-Related Gift Ideas for Her

EDITOR’s NOTE: The following was written by Danielle Thompson, Press Secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights. You can read some of her other work at

Danielle Thompson, the press secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights. (Photo: Human Events)

Danielle Thompson, the press secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights. (Photo: Human Events)

There are only a couple weeks left to find the right gift for the lady in your life this Holiday season. I have compiled five gun-related gift ideas you might consider purchasing for your gun-toting woman.

Though, if you plan on getting her a firearm, check out my previous article, “Buying a Gun For Your Girl This Holiday Season?  Five Things to Remember.

1. Range membership and range bag

A membership to a shooting range tucked into a range bag sounds like the perfect combo gift for the lady in your life. It is very important to keep polishing your shooting skills and ranges are an ideal venue to accomplish that feat.

There are outdoor and indoor ranges and you can pick the one you believe she will frequent most often, or the one you belong to, so you can both bond while participating in a mutually rewarding and enjoyable hobby.

2. Gun wrap

One of the neatest ways to customize a gun is with a gun wrap, also known as a gun skin. Designs vary from camouflage to patriotic inspired wraps.

Keep in mind that there are also wraps for magazines if you are looking to match the magazine to the gun or just want to provide her with some unique magazine designs.

3. Ammo, ammo, ammo

Ammunition is essential for any gun owner. You can never have too much ammo, especially if your lady is frequenting the shooting range.

Don’t forget, you can purchase ammo in bulk, which is a great option if you want the most bang for your buck.

4. Holster

A great gift is a holster for her firearm. This is a gift idea where you need to know precisely which gun you are purchasing a holster for and the quality of the holster.

There are many holster options, but there are a couple made specifically for women, like the flashbang bra holster and the thigh holster. You can also purchase inner and outer waist band holsters, ankle holsters and many more.

This gift idea needs to be more thoroughly researched, as the quality and size of the holster matter tremendously.

5. Membership to a gun rights group

Our gun rights are under assault across the country on the federal, state and local levels. A very fitting gift for Christmas would be a membership to a gun rights group, where all proceeds from a yearly membership go to fighting against legislation bent on taking away Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

A young gun rights group, but already the second largest in the country, is the National Association for Gun Rights. They are a no-compromise group that holds politicians accountable for their anti-gun votes. They were also the main player in defeating the Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban, National Gun Database Registry Bill, the Federal Handgun Registration Act and many more anti-gun bills.

Their yearly membership is $35 and comes with a free hat and decal, instant email alerts and their quarterly newsletter. Click here to join.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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