Fix-It-Sticks gets a Ratchet! – SHOT Show 2020

Fix-It-Sticks are often the perfect tool for the job.

For more information, please visit Fix-It-Sticks.

Sometimes it is about the small things.  While some manufacturers released new flashy guns at SHOT Show 2020, Fix-It-Sticks came out with a small but meaningful upgrade to their already fantastic product line.

If you are unfamiliar with Fix-It-Sticks, they are sets of tools which can go with you everywhere, from the workbench to the field.  They are made up of numerous bits which interface with their T-Way Handle.  The bits range from your standard Torx and Hex bits all the way up to specialized attachments, such as a Front Sight Tool for ARs or their Castle Nut Tool.  Additionally, they are offered with a variety of torque limiters.  These are amazing in their repeatability and always giving you the correct and consistent torque values, keeping you from over tightening and damaging components.

If you can think of a tool you may need on the workbench or in the field, they probably make it.

While their kits are great, this year they added an upgrade that I didn’t realize I needed.  They added a ratcheting system to their T-Way Handle.  While this seems small and insignificant, it is awesome.  As I look back on the times I’ve used Fix-It-Sticks to mount scopes, bases or other accessories, I think about how I have to constantly remove and reposition the tool.  This is either because of space limitations where I’m using the T-Way Handle or due to physical limitations, you can only rotate your wrist so far.

The ratcheting mechanism can be reversed for removing or installing hardware.

While it may seem silly or trivial, this is a huge upgrade.  Think of a mechanic who’s been using box end wrenches being handed a ratchet set.  It is a big deal…

What if you had the ability to easily level a scope in the field…?

Also this year, Fix-It-Sticks will be releasing their Scope Jack. A genius little piece that attaches to the rail of a rifle under your scope. With your scope loose in the rings, you raise the Scope Jack up, contacting the bottom of the scope, and immediately levels your optic to the rail. Talk about a time saver…

Rotating the Scope Jack up against the bottom of your scope immediately levels it to your rail.

If you appreciate tools and don’t like to be stuck in the field with nothing but a multi-tool (which is literally the perfect tool for nothing, but handy in a pinch) take a look at Fix-It-Sticks.  They can be purchased as sets or ala carte if you choose to build out your own kit.  The Ratcheting T-Way Handle will be available Q1 with a MSRP of $40 and a street price of $36. The Scope Jack will be available Q2 with a price between $35-$45.

Using known torque values can’t be understated.

For more information, please visit Fix-It-Sticks.

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About the author: Ivan Loomis has spent a lot of time outdoors, backpacking and camping as well as extensive international travel. Eventually, he landed in the Marine Corps in the late 90’s. After a hiatus from the service to race the Baja 1000 a couple times, he reenlisted with the Air Force. Departing that he wound up in a large metropolitan Police Department for a spell before landing in the Security Contracting world.One constant through these experiences was gear and weapons. Having spent time in a lot of environments and with the opportunity to field a lot of equipment, he’s grown fond of well-made gear.He now shares those experiences, adventures, and knowledge through contributing articles and videos to various publications, including his own site:

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  • Bill Porter February 20, 2020, 11:29 pm

    Prices for these things are insane.

  • P. RUGGIERO January 30, 2020, 10:41 am

    How can it level a round scope? Impossible.

    • Dousman Bob February 1, 2020, 7:12 pm

      P. – Umm, unless my memory fails me, I remember there is usually an optics adjustment area (windage/elevation) kinda in the middle that is usually flat on the bottom?

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