FLIR Scion Thermal Monocular 36mm – SHOT Show 2020

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Who doesn’t want to shoot critters at night? Making the task more enjoyable and eliminating the need for green lights and the like is FLIR’s all-new Scion.

A handheld monocular, this handy unit has been upgraded with a 36mm lens with a manual focus and an increased detection range. While previous models detected targets up to 510 meters away, the new-for-2020 Scion boasts an impressive detection range of 1,120 meters.

This extended range on the thermal unit helps users quickly detect objects at extreme lengths with smooth, unwavering vision, even in challenging environments.

The Scion 36mm is fitted with a manual focus wheel and promises an increased detection range.

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With the Scion, battery-life is never a worry. The unit can be charged on the go thanks to the included ion-lithium battery. Older CR123 batteries, if you have them, can be used in the Scion as well. Located on the bottom of the unit, just behind the Scion’s tripod-attachment point, is the plug port. 

The battery port that allows for plug-in charging is located on the bottom back-half of the Scion.

As with previous FLIR models I’ve used over the years, function buttons are well-sized, and setup doesn’t require a NASA-pedigree. The monocular feels steady in the hand and balances extremely well.

The new Lock Span Mode creates highly detailed images by eliminating unwanted temperature via a locked temperature range. More detailed images lead to more accurate shooting and boosted nighttime body counts. 

Manipulation buttons are oversized and easy to access.

Both the Scion PTM and OTM models are available with a 9 hertz or 60 hertz refresh rate and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Scion 36mm will be available in March and has an MSRP of $3,995.

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