FNH-USA .338 Lapua Sniper & Long Slide FNS – SHOT Show 2013

New from FNH-USA for SHOT Show 2013 comes a long slide FNS in .40S&W made for competition. It should be priced along the lines of the existing FNS guns, but it will come with three different sight configurations for different rule sets of competitive shooting. The sights you see in the video here are the standard, drift adjustable “Svigney” sights that are also meant for holster carry. A lot of LEOs and belt holster CCW guys have come to prefer a long sight radius for daily use. When the front and rear sights are farther apart it gives you a lot more of a precision alignment for a slightly longer shot. Our test of the FNS was stellar, so much so that people thought it was some kind of PR piece from the company itself, but it wasn’t. There are a lot of great black pistols out there, but if you put your ear to the ground for range chatter, the FNS has been at the top of the pack since its release.

Also check out the new Ballista from FNH. This is one of those very high end sniper rifles that has come out of the government’s competition to replace the M24 and M40. FNH has brought their entry to the civilian market at under $7,000 in .338 Lapua and two other calibers, probably .300 Win. Mag. and .308. FNH makes more than half of all US Military arms, so you can never question that the gun will be of the highest possible standards. We hope to get one of these Ballista rifles in this year for a full review.

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  • WB January 22, 2014, 3:46 pm

    I like FNH line up of pistols, I am a big fan of the FNX since I like the external hammer and safety/decocker option but I am happy they are adding long slide versions of the FNS, I’d love to have the option to put a 5 or 5.5″ barrel and long slide on my FNX and perhaps a cutout on the slide for a red dot like their .45 model.

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