Four-Pound Stratis Level IV Armor & Eclipsys Cooling Panel — SHOT Show 2022

This Level IV plate weighs just over 4lbs, and this cooling panel is a godsend.

Premier Body Armor has two new products that should interest everyone looking at plate armor. One to keep you safe, and one to keep you comfortable.

Stratis Level IV Plate

The Stratis plate weighs in at just 4.4lbs, which is significant. It’s among the very lightest plates that warrant a Level IV NIJ 0101.06 rating. This rating means that it will stop a .30 caliber armor-piercing bullet with a steel core, like a .30-06 and even M855 armor-piercing rounds.

Not only is it light, but it’s not fragile like most ceramic plates. It includes a ceramic strike face, but the face is comprised of segmented 1-inch square tiles. That is backed by a polyethylene plate. This composite construction resists fracturing and exceeds the base requirements for the Level IV rating. It’s supposed to stop at least two rounds; these pictures show the results of a mag dump on the polyethylene liner.

This liner goes behind a segmented ceramic strike face and altogether it exceeds the Level IV rating.
The reverse side shows bulging but none of the M855 rounds penetrated.

Premier’s Stratis Plates start at $529 and are available now.

Eclipsys Cooling Panel

Premier has recently become the distributor of Eclipsys technology to complement any armor setup. It appears to be a very thin sheet of textile and you can see small fibers randomly laying on it. I don’t know what it’s made of (patent pending), but it’s less than .5mm thick and it works passively to aggressively redirect your excess body heat. Premiere has it mounted on a composite panel to help it keep its shape in your plate carrier.

Eclipsys looks like a light textile adhered to a thin plastic panel for rigidity.

It’s ideal for use with plate armor. Armor is naturally insulating and non-conductive, so your body heat is trapped — it’s like wearing a very effective sweater all the time. The Eclipsys panel redirects all that heat allowing your body to cool itself.

It doesn’t have any batteries or wires, and it doesn’t make noise or emit any odors. It’s a remarkable technology and it can be used with virtually all armor plates. They say that over a 12-hour shift, it provides as much cooling as an 11-lb block of ice.

For just $50, it seems like a great value. They also have liners for executive vests.

Check out the Eclipsys panel from Premier Body. It’s available now.

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