Franklin Armory: Cali Compliant AR Mag, Binary Firing System III – SHOT Show 2017

Drop-In Fixed Magazine (DFM)

New for 2017, Franklin Armory has introduced the DFM package, which stands for drop-in fixed magazine. This is a tool that makes your magazine-fed rifle legal in restrictive jurisdictions such as California, Connecticut, and even the home of Bloomberg, i.e. New York!

It uses a special 10 round magazine requiring disassembly of the action to remove the magazine. Limiting tabs prevent release through the bottom of the magazine well. The magazine can only be removed from the top when the upper is tilted out of the way. The DFM Bolt catch prevents the tabs from resting on the lower receiver and keep the magazine from sitting too low for proper functioning.

The DFM.

DFM retails for $26.99.

This easily converts any AR into a 10-round, fixed magazine design with NO permanent alterations required!

There are versions for AR 10 and HK platform coming soon.

  • DFM Magazines $26.99
  • DFM Package: 5 DFMs, 1 Free DFM Bolt Catch: $150.94
  • Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch AR-15: $19.99
  • Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch AR 10: $24.99
  • Franklin Armory DFM for HK Platform: $49.99

Binary Firing System III

The BFS III now available for the ACR and HK 91.

The Binary Firing System III has been out for the AR platform for awhile now and, love it or hate it, one has to acknowledge that it has certainly changed the landscape of trigger technology. At SHOT, Franklin unveiled that it is now available for 2 new platforms: the ACR and the HK 91 series guns.

The binary system features a three-position selector that allows the user to switch from Mode 1 “safe,” to Mode 2 for traditional “semiautomatic fire,” to Mode 3 for “binary fire.”

There are three modes with the BFS III trigger: safe, semi, and binary fire.

In Binary Mode, the firearm will discharge one round with the pull of the trigger as well as one round with the release of the trigger. If the user opts not to fire the second round on the release of the trigger, the user simply moves the selector back to Mode 2.  The user can then safely release the trigger without discharging the round.

You can purchase a BFS trigger on its own or you can send your rifle to Franklin and they will install in for you.  Prices for both options are below.

  • BFS III Binary Firing System III Trigger: $429.99
  • BFS III Binary Firing System with Installation: $554.98

Visit the Franklin Armory website for more information.  You can also read our review of the BFS II.  We currently have the BFS III in-house and will publish a full review of this latest iteration in the near future.

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