Franklin Armory Debuts Binary Trigger for Ruger PC Carbines and Chargers

Franklin Armory just announced a binary trigger for Ruger PC Carbines and Chargers. (Photo: Franklin Armory)

Franklin Armory is expanding its line of binary triggers to include a new model for Ruger PC Carbine and PC Charger rifles and pistols. These fun triggers give shooters a quick follow-up shot without taking away standard single-shot capabilities.

Binary triggers are completely good to go, they are unregulated just like any other standard trigger assembly, but will fire when the trigger is released in addition to when it’s pulled. While they may provide an advantage in some defensive situations, they’re mostly just a ton of fun at the range.

And while binary triggers aren’t exactly new, Franklin Armory is the biggest name in the business, making some of the best and most popular triggers on the market today. The BSFIII PC-C1 is a third-generation trigger with a three-position selector for safe, fire, and binary mode.

“With these features, the BFSIII PC-C1 is ideal for defensive use, range days and giving you a competitive
advantage,” said Franklin Armory in the announcement. “The trigger provides greatly reduced split times between rounds and the ability to place two separate shots into a tighter group. In addition to these features, the PC-C1 has the ability to cancel the second shot when in Binary Mode.”

This drop-in upgrade will be a must-have for anyone’s fun range gun. (Photo: Franklin Armory)

In order to cancel the follow-up shot the user simply moves the selector out of Binary Mode while continuously holding the trigger. This ensures that the shooter remains in complete control of their firearm at all times, one of the key things that make Franklin Armory triggers safe and popular.

Franklin Armory currently manufactures binary triggers for the AR, AK, CZ Scorpion, Ruger 10/22, select H&K-pattern firearms, and more. The price for the new BSFIII PC-C1 is $299, which makes it a premium kit, but it’s still in line with other high-end trigger systems.

Ruger’s PC Carbine and PC Chargers are relatively new centerfire rifles and large-format pistols chambered for 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. With traditional looks and handling, these guns have been a big success for Ruger since their release.

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Even when ammo prices are more up than down, it can still be cheaper to shoot handgun cartridges compared to other prominent rifle rounds and these Ruger firearms are big sellers. And while they’re absolutely heating up with competition shooters and small game hunters and varminters, they’re especially popular with recreational shooters.

Like the PC Carbine and PC Charger, Franklin Armory’s binary triggers are also huge amounts of fun at the range, and it just makes sense to offer one for these guns, too. There is no doubt that they offer practical shooters some benefits, but the grins these make are unmatchable.

With a lot of gun owners shopping for accessories and upgrades lately, these are going to move fast, even listing at full price. If you have a PC Carbine, PC Charger or even just plans to pick one up, then Franklin Armory’s BSFII PC-C1 should at the top of the list for anyone looking for a fun range gun.

For more about these and the rest of the Franklin Armory product stack, check ’em out online.

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