The New Carbine Optic by Geissele: Super Precision 1-6 – SHOT Show 2020

This year Geissele brings a versatile carbine optic to market with their Super Precision 1-6.

For more information, please visit Giessele.

If you are in the market for a Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO) this year, Geissele may have what you are looking for.  This year at SHOT Show 2020 they released their Super Precision 1-6 Scope.  

The Geissele Super Precision 1-6 fits the role of a robust optic suited for an AR.  Something to give the user the ability to quickly locate, identify, accurately range and accurate shots on target from close to medium ranges.

The 26mm objective lens gives the user an 18′ field of view on 6x at 100 yards.

The new Super Precision optic features a 26mm objective lens, offering the user plenty of light transmission.  The entire optic is housed in Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 aluminum which is Type-3 Hardcoat Anodized.  The tube is 30mm which is well supported with a ton of different mounting choices, to include the Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount.

It also uses Geissele’s DMRR-1 Reticle.  The reticle is quick and easy to use, featuring marks every .5 mils for windage and elevation.  This lends way more flexibility to the optic since a user can become familiar with the actual trajectory of their rifle and ammunition, rather than arbitrary bullet drops that may not be compatible with what they are shooting.  Also in the reticle is a quick ranging reference, to measure target height and width.

The DMRR-1 Reticle is clean and easy to pick up.

Since the Super Precision 1-6 is a second focal plane scope, the DMRR-1 Reticle stays the same size at any magnification.  This ensures the reticle is usable and fast to pick up at 1x as well as at 6x.  At max power, the graduations match the Mil measurements.  The reticle is illuminated with 6 brightness settings and an off position between each one.

Windage and Elevation adjustments can be made on the capped low profile turrets, using .2 Mil increments.

The optic has capped turrets featuring .2 mil tool-less adjustments.  Also built into the optics is a throw lever, reducing the added cost of the user having to immediately purchase one after the fact.  The lenses used in the optic are from Japan where it is assembled.  Following assembly they are shipped to the US for Quality Control inspections.

The Geissele Super Precision 1-6 will be available Q1.  The Black Anodized model is sold for $975 and the Desert Anodized option for $1075.

For more information, please visit Giessele.

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