Gift Ideas for the Gun Loving Guy

We asked our writers to select the best holiday gifts for shooters, based on their extensive experience. There are gifts for less than $25, gifts priced between $25 and $50, and special gifts priced above $50. They range from accessories and apparel to scopes and guns — and even one really big gift!
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Under $25

Mechanix Wear GloveMechanix Wear Gloves – These affordable gloves do a great job of protecting the hands from heat and abrasion without breaking the bank like some tactical gloves.  Mechanix gloves also come in a variety of colors to suit the needs of soldiers, law enforcement, and the recreational shooter. $24.99





Rod_Ripcord_LARGEOtis Technology Ripcord – The Otis ripcord is a new product that offers an exciting alternative to the traditional pull through bore cleaners that have been on the market for years.  The use of the Nomex and the construction of the Ripcord make for a better seal inside the bore resulting in more effective removal of fouling.  The ends of the Ripcord are also threaded 8-32 to accept all of the Otis accessories and other similarly threaded bore brushes and mops. $14.99


BONEOtis Technology B.O.N.E. – The B.O.N.E. is another innovative multipurpose tool from Otis that is geared towards the AR-15 platform and a perfect companion to the Leatherman MUT.  This tool is designed to scrape built up carbon fouling from the bolt, bolt carrier group, and firing pin.  However, true to their multifunctional roots, Otis also added a 8-32 threaded hole so that it can be used as a T-handle for rod sections when cleaning the chamber and upper receiver. $24.99






McNett CamoForm – Camo Form tape is a great way to camouflage rifles, optics, and other accessories without the need to paint or alter the original finish in any way.  Unlike traditional camouflage methods Camo Form tape will only stick to itself so it can be easily removed and leaves no residue afterwards.  It also comes in multiple camouflage patterns including Realtree, Mossy Oak, Multicam, and Digital Camo that should suit anyone’s camouflage needs. $14.99



QuikClotAdventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak w/ QuikClot– Every shooter should have a first aid kit with them that can handle some of the more serious accidents that can occur at the range or in the field.  While there are a number of commercial trauma kits on the market they can also be quite expensive so it turns some people away from having them.  Adventure Medical Kits has come out with an affordable trauma kit that’s compact, simple, and perfect for the hunting pack, bug out bag, or glove box. $25.00    




Bison DesignsBison Designs Survival Pod – This interesting little product packs a few survival essentials in a package that fits perfectly on a key ring, zipper pull, or even the lanyard loop of a knife.  Cocooned inside 4’ of 550 cord is a small section of flint, some fire starting jute, a small knife, and a small section of duct tape.  While these items aren’t intended to aid in long term survival they could make quite a difference for an unexpected overnight stay in the woods.  $17.00



Gerber Shard Keychain ToolGerber Shard Keychain Tool – Perhaps the most simply designed tool on the planet, the Shard is the ideal key chain companion. You get “just the basics” with the 7 functions you need in this compact, airline-safe tool.  Retail price $7.00 Functions: Pry Bar, Small Flathead Driver, Wire Stripper, Puller, Large Flathead Driver, Bottle Opener, Lanyard Hole, Cross Driver

Streamlight Nano Light

Streamlight Nano Light® – Truly tiny, the Nano Light is a weatherproof, personal flashlight featuring a 100,000 hour life LED. Includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain.  $7.00 Easily attaches/detaches to just about anything with convenient pocket clip or key ring Up to 8 hrs. run time Machined aircraft-grade aluminum with anodized finish Powered by 4 alkaline button cells (included) 100,000 hr. lifetime high-intensity LED LED available in white (10 lumens) 1.47″ x .51″ .36 oz.



SensGard ZEM SG-31 Hearing Protection Device NRR 31dBSensGard ZEM SG-31 Hearing Protection Device NRR 31dB –The Zem is a completely different approach to hearing protection which still enables you to hear conversations or range commands. The Zem units use patented “”Sound chamber”” technology to achieve an astounding NRR31DB noise reduction rating in a very small, lightweight and foldable unit. The really great feature is your ability to hear speech frequencies with great clarity while wearing the Zem. No muffs, batteries, electronics or control knobs.   $25.00




TANDEMKROSS Ruger MarkIII Mark II Plus1 Magazine BumpersTANDEMKROSS Ruger MarkIII/Mark II Plus1 Magazine Bumpers – Don’t load less ammo, load more with the TANDEMKROSS Plus1 bumper!  This finely made magazine bumper is designed to enable your factory magazines to load one extra round saving you time at the range and giving you that extra edge while trying to one up your buddies.  All the while your magazines will seat better and give you that extra material to “bump” them into a locked state.  Simple installation, only takes minutes to do.   $7.99



Handgun Hangers

Handgun Hangers – A great product from Gun Storage Solutions, these are a brilliant way to not only increase the storage capacity of your gun safe, but also place your handguns in easy reach and keep them well displayed. Sold in sets of 4 for $20.00 online.




Sniper Skid PlateSniper Skid Plate – This little piece of kit from Triad Tactical has taken hold in the precision tactical rifle competitions because it allows the shooter a nonskid, padded surface to dampen harmonic bounce between the rifles stock and a barricade or rest. In the hunting fields, this little accessory can offer the hunter similar abilities AND help him keep quiet while placing their rifles on a tree stand for a shot or while moving along a surface while tracking a shot. $23.00



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATriad Tapered Rear Bag – This rear sand bag offers the shooter plenty of choices for use from low to the ground to about four inches of elevation on the wedge side and about 6” on the long axis. $20.00




TAB GEAR Dope ThingTriad TAB GEAR Dope Thing  – A hard copy of your DOPE that stays on the gun is ALWAYS the answer. You carry your sling in the woods to use it for shooting and carrying, you may as well make it carry your shooting data as well.  $14.00





mattbook2Twenty-first Century Stopping Power – Matthew Campbell is a military intelligence officer who worked his way up from private to sergeant and then was commissioned, not the easiest course.  The book covers verifiable and repeatable testing of a wide range of handgun calibers and loads. Not every load available was tested, after all some were introduced last week, but the procedure and the conclusions are well worth a read.  The historical outlook from the works of Colonel Benet, Colonel Thompson and Lawrence of Arabia are also very interesting.  $18.00




Handgun Trainin gfor Personal ProtectionHandgun Training for Personal Protection: Looking for a resource for everything you need to know about choosing the right lights, sights and lasers for a defensive handgun? And, how to use them? This is the book and it’s written by veteran, former cop and NRA Field Editor Richard Mann. $ 15.00





VersacarryVersacarry: Can’t decide on what holster to get for concealed carry? Want one that will work for right or left hand? The Versacarry is the most covert way to carry a handgun and its also priced right. $ 25.00

$25 to $50

FDAC The FDAC from Adaptive Consulting and Training Services – The Field Density Altitude Compensator (FDAC) is an analog ballistic compensator that can accurately calculate the drop and wind drift for most of the popular long range .308 bullets. Utilizing different bullet velocity cards the FDAC uses a simple slide rule format that’s easy to use with very little training.  Accurate long range ballistic calculation can be performed in seconds and has proven itself not only in competition but overseas as well with some of our country’s best. $39.95!products/c1kal


bolt_lift_topBolt Lift for the Remington® 700™ – This oversized bolt knob by Kinetic Research Group is for all those shooters who are torn between an extended bolt handle or not, or the hunter who wants an enlarged bolt knob but and doesn’t want to permanently alter his bolt handle. This two-piece, bolt-on device offers shooters the flexibility and adaptability to use or not to use. They are great on hunting rifles because they allow better articulation of the bolt while wearing heavy gloves in the winter. Retail price $28

wilson combat 2Wilson Combat EMT Magazine – Most 1911 pistol problems are ammunition-related, usually in the case of a cartridge that doesn’t mimic the ideal 1.250-inch overall length. The Wilson Combat ETM magazine presents the nose of the bullet more into the chamber than off of the feed ramp. A stainless body, premier springs, a self-lubricating synthetic follower and a proper geometry add up to improved feed reliability.  $35.00-$45.00


Applied BallisticsApplied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting – This encyclopedic reference is perfect for those that want to understand the science behind long range shooting from bullet stability to ballistic coefficients. Within the book are pages and pages of data about bullets in all of the major long range calibers and from the most popular manufacturers.  Each book also comes with a CD-ROM disc loaded with the Applied Ballistics program that can help a shooter accurately calculate their bullet drops.  $49.95



Accuracy and PrecisionAccuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooting – Bryan Litz, the same author that brought us Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting also wrote this book to go one step further in helping shooters understand the science of the shot.  Bryan goes in depth to talk about bullet drop, wind deflection, and some of the other uncertainties that affect hit percentage at long range.  For anyone that wants to round out their long range library this is another must have book. $34.95



Do-AllDo All Outdoors Impact Seal Targets – Shooting paper is fun but shooting a target that reacts to every hit is much more fun no matter what caliber you’re shooting.  Do All Outdoors has a line bouncing targets made from a self-sealing polymer that are designed to take thousands of rounds of even the biggest calibers.  All of the targets are made in a high visibility orange that easily stands out against the background and in a several shapes and sizes.  $34.95


VTACVTAC Padded Rifle Sling – Every rifle should have a good sling and when it comes to tactical slings it doesn’t get much better than the VTAC Padded Rifle Sling.  Designed by SGM Kyle Lamb, a US Army veteran with years of experience in the special operations community, this is not just a tool to help carry the rifle.  The design of the sling makes it adjustable to go over gear, comfortable, and help aid the shooter gain some stability during positional shooting.  $44.95



Tripod cradlePRS Tripod Cradle – Precision Rifle Solutions has been making innovative products to aid long range shooters for many years.  The PRS tripod cradle is one of their most popular products in use by shooters from the United States to Australia.  Simple and practical, the cradle helps support the rifle in those situations where the shooter cannot lay down in a stable prone position.  The cradle is threaded ¼-20 so that it can be attached to just about any tripod on the market and comes in several popular colors. $48.95



Fenix Light PD22 CREE XP-G2 S2 LED EDC Pocket LightFenix Light PD22 CREE XP-G2 S2 LED EDC Pocket Light – The Fenix PD22 is a high-intensity flashlight with side mode switch. With four brightness levels, one rapid strobe and a hidden SOS mode, it can maximize up to a 210-lumen output and a 120-hour long runtime from a single CR123 battery. This compact and waterproof flashlight is also suitable for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, and camping.  $54.95



Maglula Loader PackageButler Creek UpLula Mag Loader – The pistol shooter on your gift list can think fondly of you every time they load a magazine. Available in several different sizes to accommodate various ranges of calibers, this tool is a must have at the range.  Don’t be confused by similar products – this one is the gold standard of magazine loaders. (also available for AR and HK style rifle magazines). Priced between $30 and $40




ArmageddonArmageddon Carbine Sling – The best carbine sling on the market in my opinion, flexible, comfortable, and easily adjustable. $44.95





VortexVortex Bubble Level Anti-Cant Device for 30mm Scope Matte – The leveling of your scopes cross hairs can make or break a shot especially on uneven ground or with an uneven horizon line. A scope leveling device is a MUST have when you are shooting distance targets and you HAVE to have a first round hit. These little devices are small, inexpensive and very light-weight. With a little use, you will find yourself checking it between every shot, “just to make sure.”  $35


Cabela's ColorPhase Camo OuterwearCabela’s ColorPhase Camo Outerwear – This line of outerwear is available in both woodland and western camo and changes color with the temperature. In warmer temperatures, it is shades of green like spring and summer. In colder temperatures, it is brown and tan shades to like fall/winter. There is a full line from gloves and t-shirts to insulated bibs and jackets. Prices start at $29.99


Buffalo Bore #32BF30Buffalo Bore .32 H&R Magnum +P Loads: Buffalo Bore is now offering ammunition for the .32 H&R Magnum that turns that cartridge into what it should have been from the beginning. Their 100 JHP load will leave a three-inch barrel at a blistering 1200 fps. 20 rounds for $ 29.00





assaulted_movie-posterAssaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire (DVD) – Just out of a nationwide theatrical release, this film takes you through the history of gun control, stressing the racist roots and power-hungry goals. Hosted by Ice T!  Fantastic new video. We will have a full review soon, but order now for the perfect stocking stuffer. $16





BallistolBallistol: One lubricant, cleaner and protectant that will work for guns, tools, leather and that can even serve to treat small cuts and scratches. It’s hard to believe, but it exists. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that cleans blackpower or carbon fouling any better. Get a 1.5 and a six-ounce aerosol bottle and a four-ounce non-aerosol bottle in one package for $ 35.00

$50 to $200

summer specialMilt Sparks Summer Special – Working cop Bruce Nelson designed and crafted a number of ageless holster designs, of which the Summer Special is the best known. This inside-the-waistband holster features a reinforced holstering welt, a strong, well-stitched spine, a sight track and dual belt loops. The rough out-finish keeps the holster secure in the pants. After ten years, my Summer Special holster is completely serviceable, and none of the features have degraded function. $94.50


Bushmaster Squeeg-E RangBushmaster Squeeg-E Range Bage Bag: No more long steel rods and no more spending all evening cleaning your firearm. With the Bushmaster Squeeg-E Range Bag you can clean any gun you own in less than 30 minutes. $ 75.00



Squeeze water system

Armageddon Squeeze Water Filters – Must-have items for any outdoorsman. $52.95





Cabela's Tactical Re#32BF47Cabela’s Tactical Reflex Sight: Looking for an affordable reflex sight for you Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22? Need one that you can depend on but that won’t break the bank? Check out the Cabela’s Tactical Reflex sight at $ 149.00. http//




Redfield Battlezone #32BD84Redfield Battlezone TAC-MOA 2-7 X 334mm Riflescope: Few riflescopes are perfect for every task and one that perfect for a .22 is even harder to find. But, the Battlezone from Redfield comes close with its MOA reticle, target turrets and a pre calibrated ballistic turret. It’s priced right too. $ 189.00


Battle MugBattle Mug – This is one of those things that a lot of people would LOVE to have but will not justify to themselves a good reason to buy it and THAT!!! Is what special Christmas giving is all about. $189


Big Gifts

Galco Exotic HolsterGalco Exotic Concealable Holsters: For the ultra discriminating handgun owner who you never seem to be able to please at Christmas. Check out Galco’s exotic line of concealable handgun holsters, which are made from alligator, shark, stingray and ostrich hides. One things for sure, he’ll owe you next Christmas! $ 175.00 – $ 475.00





Surefire 2211 WristlightSurefire 2211 Wristlight: If there is a cop on your Christmas list this is the tool he needs. Yep, its expensive but it’s a tool that just might save his life. The Wristlight allows hands-free looking and handgun shooting in total darkness. Give a cop a gift that matters. $ 495.00





Browning 1911-22Browning 1911-22 Compact: If you have a special gun lover on your “nice” list, this is the gun for them. It is a shrunken 1911 that’s exactly 85% the size of an original 1911, but the best part is that this one is chambered for the .22 LR. If you do decide to pick one up, don’t take it out of the box before you gift it away or you might have to buy one for yourself too. $ 599.99


Remington 700SPS_TacAAC-Remington 700 AAC-SD – Remington’s AAC-SD model line is several years old, however they continue to be as popular as ever with newer versions offered in different barrel lengths and calibers.  AAC-SD rifles are now offered with either a 20” or 16” barrel chambered in .308 Winchester, .223 Remington, and .300BLK.  All AAC-SD rifles also come from Remington with threaded muzzles ready to accept suppressors and other muzzle devices without the need for gunsmithing.  Retail price $833

Bushnell Elite Tactical Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10X32 – The new PST 2.5-10X32 from Vortex Optics gives shooters a lot of bang for the buck in a compact, versatile optics package.  This scope features both illuminated MOA and Mil-based reticles placed in the first focal plane, matching turrets, side parallax adjustment, and one of the best warranties on the market.  This scope would be just as at home on a lightweight hunting rifle as it would on an accurate AR-15 set up for varmint or predator control.  Retail price $899×32-ffp-riflescope-with-ebr-1-moa-reticle



Leica Leica 1600-B Laser Rangefinder – The Leica CRF rangefinders have always been highly regarded for their compact size, accuracy, and optical performance.  The older CRF 1200 was a great rangefinder but the newer CRF 1600-B has upped the ante with greater range and additional features.  The 1600-B now has a maximum range of 1600 yards, features a new ballistic compensator, and the ability to read the true horizontal distance to a target.  All of those features and performance fit into a surprisingly small package that will easily fit into a shirt pocket so that it’s always right there when needed. Retail price $800


SIRT-Pistol-Profile-Red-Slide-Color-RightSIRT Pro “NextLevel” Training Pistol – If that special someone enjoys the modern shooting sports like IDPA or USPSA, the is a great way to improve skills and increase speed realistically – and safely – without ever firing a shot. Realistic weight and balance, use of marking lasers to show your hits, and a fully functioning resetting trigger make this a pro level training device. Priced around $400




TacStrike Steel TargetsTacStrike Steel Target Systems –Not just for high end training facilities anymore…… For the consummate distance shooter, there is nothing better or more exhilarating than to shoot a steel target and get that instant satisfaction of the ringing report of a hit. Portable, solidly constructed and affordable, steel targets can be left out on your range or land for a quick plinking session or for serious shooting training. Don’t waste time with moving back and forth from shooting position to paper and back; shoot your steel targets and see exactly where you are hitting. This is a rifleman’s range accessory that makes dreams come true. $170 -$325




WW GunsWW Guns – Custom Firearms Refinishing – Make your new, old or ugly firearm AWESOME and YOURS. Hydrographic coating and cerakoteing have become commonplace now and are great ways to give your arms or accessories that custom one-of-a-kind look all the while protecting its surfaces. WW Guns can do just about ANY custom one-off design, color or combination you can conceive. What better way to give something to someone that has everything than to give them something they won’t forget or may not buy themselves. $200 – $300

Eberlestock Sniper PackEberlestock G3 “Phantom” Sniper Pack – This is a great pack that is just the right medium size. With a removable rifle scabbard, this pack can be used for many different situations. This is my favorite GP, rifle carrying pack. Every shooter needs one. $389




Ruger 10-22 TakedownRuger 10/22 Takedown – The Ruger 10/22 has become one of the most versatile small rifles made. More than half of the shooting world has had at least one of these, and with the ease and availability of customization and parts, there seems to be no end for its popularity. This particular model only makes this little rifle that much more adaptive and useful. $400 – $420

Stack-On SafesStack-On Elite Safes – If you don’t have one, GET ONE. It is my experience that you buy the largest you can afford and store because you run out of room more quickly than you think. There is no excuse for not protecting your valuable arms, property or documents from fire, theft or pesky less-than-careful friends, family and visitors. Keep it safe, in a safe……




Modular Rifle ChassisSaber –Forsst Modular Rifle Chassis System – The modern demand for precision, accuracy and modularity has given way to having a simple, fast and cost-effective way to make your current hunting rifle more accurate and technologically advanced without having to pay a gunsmith. For what you would pay to upgrade one of your rifles for a traditional composite stock with all the upgrades, installation fees, and fitting by a gunsmith for a stock that is for one rifle, you can purchase a chassis system that can be used on multiple rifles of the same design for less than or similar cost AND make it fit you exactly. About $1,000

Bushnell Elite TacticalBushnell Elite Tactical HDMR 3.5-21x 50mm Scope – This scope has everything you could ask for in a high-end tactical long range scope, laden with options and functions at a fraction of the cost. Short, optically clear and mechanically sound, this is the best all-around scope to bridge the gap between the tree stand and the hide site. $1,325




Guardian Armored Personnel CarrierGuardian Armored Personnel Carrier – Well, just… because ANYBODY can ASK Santa for ANYTHING……

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