Gun Owners: 3 Reasons Why You Need Legal Defense for Self Defense

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In the last 40 years, there has been a seismic shift in the concealed carry landscape. We’ve gone from a world where almost no states were shall-issue to a country where nearly every state has some form of concealed carry, most states are shall-issue carry, and over a dozen states allow unrestricted concealed carry. With more people carrying guns than ever, it’s apparent that some kind of legal protection is vital in the event you use your firearm in a self-defense situation. Here we have three examples, all derived from real-world events, that illustrate the need for protection… after the bang.

Scenario 1: Non-Lethal Self-Defense

It’s 8 p.m.; you’re driving home after a long day of work and stop to get gas. At the gas pump, a man approaches you and begins asking for money aggressively. You don’t know if this incident will turn violent, so you start giving verbal commands. He fails to obey verbal commands to “stay back” and “stay away,” and he continues moving closer. You’re now trapped between the gas pump and your car and fearing for your safety, so you pepper spray him. He immediately flees. What should you do? Call 911? Get in your car and drive away? No one died, and you were the victim, so now what? Will the police come if you call them?

Scenario 2: Home Invasion Shooting

It’s 2 a.m., and you awake to the sound of your home security system going off as your front door gets kicked off its hinges. Your spouse retreats to the master bathroom as part of your home defense emergency plan and calls 911. You grab a firearm and rush to retrieve your child. In the hallway, a man armed with a sledgehammer charges at you. You fire twice, and he goes down. You’ve watched the videos and know you need a lawyer, but it’s just after 2 a.m. The police arrive in minutes. Your only lawyer—who you hired to give tax advice—isn’t going to answer his phone at this hour. What should you do?

Scenario 3: A Self-Defense Shooting… Now the Police Have Questions

Two days ago, you were in a self-defense shooting using your legally carried firearm. At the time of the incident, you immediately called 911. After the police arrived and asked a few questions, you were released from the scene and believed you were not found to be at fault. Now the police have asked you to come to the station for a formal interview. You don’t have a lawyer. Would it be okay to go to the station and talk to the police alone? After all, you didn’t do anything wrong.

You Could Be on Your Own

Without some kind of concealed carry plan, you could be handling the consequences of a self-defense incident on your own. In this politically charged climate, it’s safe to assume that any self-defense incident carries with it the potential for criminal and civil consequences. Don’t be the person who is well prepared for a self-defense situation but has no idea what to do in its aftermath. Having a plan, and someone to help with that plan, is crucial.

Which Company Should I Choose?

There are many companies offering something like concealed carry “insurance,” but when you start to dig into the product, one company stands out: U.S. LawShield, the most comprehensive Legal Defense for Self-Defense Program available. In all three of the scenarios listed above, U.S. LawShield would have been able to provide legal protection. In the first scenario, the U.S. LawShield program covers self-defense with any legal weapon, regardless of the type or level of force; guns, knives, and even less-than-lethal weapons are covered. In the second scenario, AttorneyResponse 365 from U.S. LawShield provides an attorney-answered emergency hotline that is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Unlike other companies where your emergency call lands at a call center, U.S. LawShield gives you access to a real, experienced attorney, knowledgeable in the laws of your state when you really need one. And in the final scenario, the U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney in your state would be able to represent you and be with you to protect your rights if the police do need to question you.

Protect Your Rights

Watching the news lately should be enough motivation to secure legal protection today. In the last 10 years, there have been multiple high-profile cases and lawsuits that involved concealed carriers, some with disastrous financial and legal outcomes. You can ease your mind by protecting your freedom and your rights with U.S. LawShield.

For more information on how to protect yourself, join U.S. LawShield today!

About the author: U.S. LawShield Our organization traces its roots to 2009, when a group of pioneering lawyers became fed up with the hostility and abuse in the legal system directed towards responsible gun owners. They saw innocent people suffering the terrible consequences of someone else’s choice to commit crime. And to make matters worse, those people were tied up in the legal system, struggling to defend themselves. Innocent people were experiencing financial duress, bankruptcy—or worst of all, going to jail.The Second Amendment states “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” And yet, every day, our founders saw innocent, responsible gun owners experiencing mistreatment in the legal system—as if they were the ones that had done something wrong. To fight these injustices, our founders chose to stand up for the rights of the American people and become a champion for good and the voice of justice. That’s when the idea for our company was born: the first concealed weapon legal defense program to truly provide Legal Defense for Self-Defense.Our business was born in Texas and continues today from our headquarters in Houston, Texas. For many years, we provided our program to law-abiding residents of Texas and was known as Texas LawShield®. Demand for services existed well-beyond the state of Texas and our team expanded to other states. Along the way, we took on the name U.S. LawShield®.Today, we are serving members in the majority of states. While we are honored that our focus and mission have really resonated with so many people – literally attracting hundreds of thousands across the country, we will never forget what brought us together, why we exist to serve members and we will always stay close to our Texas roots. It is said the people of Texas have some unique customs and traditions like independence, self-reliance, a can-do spirit, and a big heart (caring for one another). We work to convey this in all we do for our members.

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  • Michael Niese April 16, 2021, 3:48 pm

    Always, Lawyer up.

  • GaDawg April 16, 2021, 11:35 am

    This is just an ad for US Lawshield showing the things they cover. They don’t tell what they don’t cover in any self defense shooting. Don’t take this article at face value. All of the companies providing insurance benefits for a self defense trial both civil and criminal should be reviewed including pros and cons. I wish GunsAmerica would review all of them warts and all.

  • Cirus April 16, 2021, 7:45 am

    The direction this country is headed there won’t be any need for lawyers and judges.

  • Mark N. April 16, 2021, 1:30 am

    In both scenarios 2 and 3, tell the police that you will answer their questions after you have had an opportunity to speak to an attorney. They HAVE to stop asking you questions. DO NOT talk to the police without counsel PRESENT. You know the saying–anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you.
    And this advice is the same even though in scenario two, at least in most states (I don’t know then all) there will be a presumption that you are acting in justifiable self defense when shooting an intruder in your home.

    In all 50 states, the prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you were NOT acting in self defense, as opposed to imposing a burden on the defendant that he was. Don’t help the prosecution by opening your maw and shoving your foot in it. Be forewarned: after a SD shooting you will be full of adrenaline and shock, and keeping your mouth shut under all this stress and excitement can be VERY hard to do.

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