Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Purses for Women – SHOT Show 2013

Gun Tote’n Mamas owner Claudia Chisholm stops long enough at the SHOT Show to share one of her company’s concealed-carry purses.

Each year the company produces a special Legacy Bag (seen here is this year’s model), and part of the profits from its sale are donated to organizations dedicated to fighting abuse against women.

The GTM booth was crowded the entire 4 days of SHOT Show.

Bags for pretty much every occasion. They may not say Coach or Fendi, but they might save your life.

A concealed carry bag isn’t for everyone. But if your mode of dress does not lend itself to other forms of carry, one of these exquisite GTM bags might must be the perfect Valentines present.

Gun Tote’n Mamas CCW Purses

This story came as a tip from our friend Carrie Lightfoot at The Well Armed Woman. There are a ton of “CCW purses ” out there, but most of them were made by men and don’t work at all. We almost covered a company last year that made a purse that worked like a raccoon trap. You could put a woman size hand into the gun pouch on the side, but once you grabbed that shiny gun, you couldn’t get it out. Carrie is working on a series of articles for us here at GunsAmerica, and she will be the first to tell you that carrying a gun in a purse isn’t for everyone. You have to make sure that bag stays with you at all times and is in your complete control, but in some modes of dress, bag carry is one of a short list of options, and possibly the most sensible one. Of all the bag companies that have courted Carrie, to sell them on TWAW, Gun Tote’n Mamas is the one she likes the most. They have a huge assortment of bags for just about every taste and mode of dress, and the gun parts work, which is the most important thing.

The Gun Tote’n Mamas booth at SHOT Show was insane, despite a basement location (like yours truly at GA) and nothing but purses to attract crowds. I might have understood it if we were on Park Avenue, but we are here the mostly male dominated SHOT Show in Las Vegas. I had to come back three times to attempt to even take pictures,and the throng was still there, with many of the men relating stories like mine. I purchased my wife a pair of concealed-carry purses. Both still hang in the closet, often used to highlight my inability to find an appropriate gift and destined to be used as hanging planters someday.

Don’t get me wrong. My wife carries, just not in those purses. Apparently they were designed by a guy with as much eye for fashion as I have. Plus, there were certain challenges with the purses. One of them is the raccoon trap, even with a small LCR. Even her very small hand gets stuck inside the purse. The other one I purchased seemed more fashionable, but was too petite to accommodate a gun, wallet, cell phone, makeup, car keys, you get my drift.

Gun Tote’n Mamas is one of those success stories that really came about by accident after Claudia Chisholm was displaying embroidered wallets for Kingport Industries at the last SHOT Show that took place in Orlando, FL (2009). In one of those windy outside tents, traffic was light, but the questions and follow-up calls were persistent. “When will you start offering concealed-carry purses,” they asked. Claudia said her husband nagged her for nine months to start working on concealed-carry purses, with the same eye for fashion as all Kingport Industries gear, a high end luggage and bag company. When she relented, Gun Tote’n Mamas was born.

Judging by the crowds, she’s done everything right in the past five years. Prior to beginning design work, Claudia talked to shooters, NRA instructors and women who carry. Her goal was to create a line of handbags women will want to be seen with, yet retain real concealed-carry usability, because we are after all talking about real gunfights here, and nobody needs to bring a raccoon trap to a real gunfight. Then she sent samples to a variety of shooting schools, including Gunsite. After more modification, she rolled out her new line.

Here are some of the key components gun guys don’t think about. A slash-resistant strap is critical. We always talk about gun retention, and one of the most popular ways to grab a gal’s purse is to cut the strap, grab and run. Good luck with Gun Toten’ Mamas purses. The straps are built with something like a cablelock inside, so you really can’t just cut them with a knife. Some of the other features you’ll find are included holsters (that can be moved to suit individual shooters and configured for left- or right-handed use), leather zipper pulls (when fashion demands), roomy enough main compartments to swallow all that battle gear and the kind of looks that will make her girlfriends jealous. All leather used in the company’s purses is produced in the United States.

Take my word for it, don’t buy until your wife approves, but, as difficult as it was to actually get pictures, check out some of the line. An Evening Shoulder Pouch, a Traditional Open Tote, Concealed Carry Basic Hobo Handbag (the zebra print really had the booth abuzz), and a Concealed Carry “Raven” Shoulder Pouch, among others. The offerings are too many to detail here, but if you visit Gun Tote’n Mamas (with your wife or girlfriend), I’m pretty sure you’ll both ID something perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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  • Carla May 10, 2013, 1:59 pm

    I want to order a handbag, but do I need the standard holster or the mini holster for my LC9 with a LaserMax attached.

  • David March 30, 2013, 12:26 pm

    I found this coach purse for my wife and it turned out to be the perfect Gun bag that fits into her regular bag. Its called a coach second bag: coach a8c-9972. She puts this in her main bag and and pull it out when not needed.

    I was looking online and found a reference to it here:

    The on I got her is black and she carries a Glock 26 with spare mag.

    Bag closed with glock 26 and spare mag:

    Bag open to show Glock 26 and Mag:

    Glock 26 and Mag positioning in bag:

    Coach Bag Info

    Other Pics of bag

    I was able to find it online by searching for Coach 9972

  • jo January 31, 2013, 12:10 pm

    jo from
    u girls are the best thank you for all the hand bags i have and all your concern for all us women………

  • Robert January 29, 2013, 7:51 pm

    My girlfriend is a high end handbag designer (think fendi,Prada,etc.) she said these bags were the ugliest she had ever seen! LOL

    • Administrator January 29, 2013, 8:10 pm

      I guess it is your perspective of high end. Women who buy Prada bags have an end high, that’s for sure.

  • aydene militello January 28, 2013, 7:49 pm

    Nice purses,,,,if you’re a Business gal or a Librarian,,,,or if you carry your entire wardrobe. OK,,,,just kiddin.’
    Sorry gals, but if I carry a purse and my itty bitty.308, I prefer to be able to hold both in one hand ( a clutch ).
    Whatever you like in the way of a purse, big bag, little bag, designer knock off,,,,,with a competent tailor or your own sewing machine, you can place that holster in just the right spot for your hand to reach for it.

    • Administrator January 28, 2013, 10:01 pm

      They had clutches, but not one that’ll fit a .308 lol.

  • TexasRuby January 28, 2013, 6:05 pm

    This past summer I purchased my first bag from This company.
    Although I have several concealed carry bags, none of them
    compare to the one I purchased from Gun Toten Mamas.
    There is a bag to suit everyone and every occasion and any
    weapon. The leather is top quality. All of these points are
    Extremely important when purchasing this type of
    purse. While my other purses work perfectly fine, they do
    not have the reinforced strap. If someone wants it they better
    be “Toten” wire cutters.

  • mtman2 January 28, 2013, 4:17 pm

    Piers Morgan is in the large remnant of TORIES from the divergent mind set in 1776. THEY have NOT changed since then. That mind set metastasized in ‘BRITAIN’ as the socialist Gov. of today.

    • Roger January 30, 2013, 4:18 am

      Piers a Tory, somewhat off the mark there! Piers was the editor for the Daily Mirror a staunch labour party supporter and it showed in his editorial. The labour party has always had links to the communists( even today they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the scale mass murder in the past 90 years inflicted by communists world wide). The communists were staunch advocate of gun confiscation and indeed it was tony Blair who banned handguns in the UK in 1997.

  • Cheryl Long January 28, 2013, 2:25 pm

    Wow! Was surprised to read this article in your weekly newsletter/Blog. Gun Tote’n Mamas are corporate sponsors for our ladies organization, DIVA…Women Outdoors Worldwide for 3 years. We met them at Shot Show several years back and love the ladies who own and work with the company. Not only are the purses stylish and well made, they are also affordable. Our members who conceal carry love them!! I saw several new styles at Shot Show (including the leopard tote that Claudia is modeling) that will be great sellers. Congratulations to GTM for bringing women a product that looks great, has great value and helps protect us, too!(I carry the little red tote with solid handles…plenty of room for the P238.)Cheryl Long
    Communications Director
    Life Member
    DIVA…Women Outdoors Worldwide

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