Guns, Obamacare and Dumb Voters

If we learned anything this past election it was that people aren’t as stupid as the politicians expect them to be. Almost all of the elected officials who supported the anti-gun legislation that followed the Sandy Hook hoax were thrown out of office. Even more got thrown out because the public has woken up to the fact that Obamacare was just another failed socialist ideal with great sounding headlines.

But something you should share with your left leaning friends is the video below. It is a candid overview of Obamacare as explained by one of its architects, Johnathan Gruber. He explains that trickery had to be part of their approach because otherwise it wouldn’t have passed.

Then think about the legislation that just passed in Washington state, where it has been documented that more than half of the people who voted for it also voted for a pro gun freedom measure on the same ballot.

Ignorant voters have become a staple in just about every politicians diet, but did the high points of this past election mark a turnaround for the sheep? Could it be that some will pay attention if you share the testimony of Johnathan Gruber with them? Or will they just stay asleep?

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  • Rick November 25, 2014, 10:43 am

    In case any one missed the sarcasm in Lowell Morrison’s statement, let me clarify things. All the things he accused the GOP of doing were really done by the Democrats. The GOP raiding SS? It was LBJ who raided SS to pay for the Viet Nam War with the help of the Democrat led Congress. The Democrats have controlled Congress, and thus spending, for most of the past 60 years so don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    • Larry November 25, 2014, 12:01 pm

      Good for you, Rick. I saw that too but I get so damn tired to speaking the truth to the BS put out by the leftists.

      What I find really surprising is that I have to assume that at least most on this site are gun owners & Second Amendment supporters but some of them still think that the Dems are wonderful & the Repubics are bad even though the Dems will disarm them in a New York Second if they could. This makes no sense but, then again, the leftists have never made much sense to begin with.

    • Lowell Morrison November 25, 2014, 7:49 pm

      Sorry, but LBJ only continued to raid the Social Security Fund, it was originally started by the congress under Eisenhower.
      I am old enough that I do remember that.

      • Larry November 26, 2014, 12:22 pm

        A Democratic controlled Congress at that, right? Do you remember that? LBJ began the destruction of SS so he could fund his was in Vietnam. I’m old enough to remember that as I also remember that bastard sitting in the White House plotting how to get more of my friends killed & maimed instead of listening to the experts in tactics, his military! May that POS LBJ spin in his grave!

  • Dan B November 24, 2014, 9:24 pm

    The timeline is a little foreshortened, and most people don’t know the whole story (and we probably never will). The basics go something like this:
    1. Everyone’s health care costs were rising too much, so the public was screaming for something to be done in the 1990s.
    2. President Clinton and her husband wanted to make Medicare available to everyone that chose it.
    3. The insurance companies screamed “UNFAIR COMPETITION!!” and so they and the Heritage Foundation came up with Gingrichcare (later modified to Obamacare: see below).
    4. The debate went on some more and health care costs and insurance costs kept going up.
    5. 9/11 happened and the public was distracted for a while.
    6. Obama got elected on a populist ticket promising to fix the health care problem. The only thing that would possibly get passed (by Democrats who were owned by drug companies and Republicans who are owned by insurance companies) was the dusted-off Gingrichcare plan. He and the staff put it forth as a solution. They kept quiet about the one big change they could get instituted.
    7. Obamacare passed with some confusion and generalities left to be determined. One particular feature which nobody talked about prior to it passing was the requirement for insurance companies to pay out 80% of their input (premiums) as claims (health care). For reference, the typical SALES AGENT makes 25% off the top.
    Ever since the insurance companies found out that this clause was included, they have been paying media mouths like Rush, Beck and Fox News to go ape-shit against Obamacare/Gingrichcare, which their very own think tank (the Heritage Foundation) came up with.
    Personally, as a veteran, I think we should draft all medical personnel into the military and make everyone get the same care. If socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, it’s good enough for everyone else. There is no logical reason to keep paying insurance companies to compete for which member of Congress they are going to buy.
    Doctors will do the best job they can.
    Drugs come from government funding anyway (the ones that matter and aren’t luxuries).
    Hospitals need to be built where people need them, decided by their representatives: not just built in rich suburbs to avoid the poor neighborhoods and rural areas.
    The FDA and the USDA should be combined. Right now, the USDA works to produce food that makes people sick and the FDA only works for the drug companies who make huge profits from sick people. In other words, the HEALTH department doesn’t want anything to do with food, and the FOOD department doesn’t want anything to do with your health.

  • Chris November 24, 2014, 1:53 pm

    Obamacare apologists are funny, they keep saying the Republicans wouldn’t let it be passed, yet they didn’t have enough seats to actually stop it from being passed, so they were completely powerless to do anything to it. It was the moderate Democrats who were delaying it, the ones who felt it went too far that Obama had to bribe to vote for it.

    It wasn’t until Scott Brown won that the Republicans had enough votes to filibuster. Scott Brown, elected as a Republican in one of the bluest states in the country after running on a campaign of promising to be the 41st vote needed to stop Obamacare from becoming law and he’s from the one state in the country that already had a version of Obamacare. You would think this would have sent a message to the rest of the nation, a message that said “OBAMACARE IS A BAD IDEA”, sent from people with experience, but, nope.

    Gruber is right, the stupidity of the American voter is limitless.

    • Larry November 24, 2014, 4:04 pm

      Chris, you are so right. Thanks for the truth.

      As it turns out, the stupid among us were the Dems in Congress who voted for it, not the Repubics who voted a resounding NO! The stupid were those who voted for Obama in 2008. The really stupid were those who still voted for him in 2012.

      Incidentally, I was a Republican but have not claimed that affiliation in nearly 20 years. About the same time that they became the Repubics in my eyes. And, even as Repubics, they still occasionally surprise me & do the right thing. The No vote for Obamacare is one of those times.

      And to “vet” listed above, thanks for your service. Romney, a far cry from an American Conservative, did sign into law the first form of socialized medical care in Massachusetts. Please note that this bill was passed by both branches of their Congress in a state that, wait for it, is nearly 4 to 1 registered, wait for it, DEMOCRATS!

      You leftists on this site should really try to understand that the Socialism coming out of this current lawless regime is a product of the Dems in power. Do you not notice that every gun grabbing locale in this country is Democratic controlled? And, do you not realize that every city where there is major gun violence on a daily basis is controlled by Dems? Come on all you lefties, you can do better than this!

  • GWOT_Vet November 24, 2014, 1:27 pm

    To follow up on John L and Petru Sova, you are both correct. It is a lazy (and thereby gullible, likely uneducated) person/citizen/voter who votes party line and/or only listens to commentary/advice/education from the various pundits that propagate extreme positions based on fear rather than reason. What we currently refer to as “Obamacare” was the only passable option Obama had. That is to say, it’s the only thing the Republicans in Congress would approve. And, let’s remember, Republicans don’t vote for anything they (or their wealthy backers, i.e. the Koch brothers, oil and chemical corporations, etc.) don’t want. This, “Obamacare” system is based on the system that has been in place in Massachusetts for several years now. It was a system originally put in place by, wait for it, Mitt Romney, who just happens to be, wait for it, a Republican!

    By including a mandate to purchase health insurance, both systems represent a financial boon for the private health insurance companies by forcing those who previously refused to purchase to do so or face a penalty on their taxes. Both still put the private health insurance companies in a position of priority and preference (control) over the hospital companies’ profits. The state/federal option is only available to certain populations (self employed, part time employees, etc.) and lower tax brackets. An important consideration is that, here in MA, the state option is actually provided by a non-private insurance company who simply contracts with the state to provide services to those who can’t afford commercially available alternatives. Interestingly, while there are legal provisions to prevent private health insurance companies from dropping subscribers, there is no provision that keeps them from dropping health care facilities (hospital companies).

    This is what just happened here. The private provider for the state’s option just dropped the primary facility in the western part of the state, Baystate Health systems, which runs hospitals in Springfield and Greenfield. This move puts at least 50,000 residents who were on this insurance plan now without local emergency and critical care. (This happens to include some dear friends of mine who have a son with Cystic Fibrosis.) Why you ask? Because the for-profit hospital’s profit needs came into direct conflict with the non-profit insurance company’s limited and ever decreasing budget. And so, because of the necessity of corporate profits at any and all cost, 50,000 residents are now without health care coverage. That’s the truth of our health insurance/health care industries (not really a system at all) and that’s what’s really in line with Republican politicians’ values.

    So I have to say, once and for all, that all those who honestly believe that “Obamacare” is Socialist health care and want to convince others accordingly, are chief among the “dumb voters” that this article is referring to.

    • Larry November 24, 2014, 3:14 pm

      NO Republican in Congress voted for Obamacare! None! Zero, zilch, nada! It was a totally Democratic vote from a Democratically controlled Senate & House of Representatives. So your folks can lie all you want about Obamacare being the work of the Repubics but that does not make the lies true.

  • Petru Sova November 24, 2014, 11:03 am

    Obama never wanted Obama care. Have I got your interest? Its true, Obama had to take what he could get from a corrupt Republican Congress that was and is a prostitute for the rich Health Insurance Companies and the Doctors and Hospitals that rip people off ad nauseam. Obama wanted but could not get true National Health Care. All we have now is mandatory private insurance which continues to figure out every way possible to beat Obama care so it can continue to rip off the consumer and make horrendous obscene profits. The entire Industrialized world has had National Health Care as far back as the late 1800’s under Bismark in the very small country of Germany. Most other nations followed suit after WWII. Lets face facts all the lies that the Republicans have told about true National Health Care being unaffordable to the nation is pure hogwash when the small countries of Europe have been doing it for over 100 years. Even under Obama care as imperfect as it is it still is doing a vast amount of good. Prior to Obama care the corrupt Insurance Companies would cancel a persons policy when he needed it most because of unjust caps. This resulted in even millionaires going bankrupt. Pre-existing conditions also prevented vast numbers of people from getting any affordable health care. Many children have been saved with Obama care as well by preventing corrupt Insurance companies from cancelling policies or refusing to insure them. To go back to the way things were before Obama care is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy. Under true National Health Care everyone would be required to have an amount deducted from their pay checks just like Social Security is deducted , which by the way the Republicans to this very day are still trying to destroy. They fought Social Security tooth nail and claw back in the 1930’s as well as trying to prevent a National Freeway system because they said no one would use it and they were too cheep to fund it. They continue to oppose a high speed rail system as well even though every other industrialized nation in the world already has it. Again they admit they are to cheap to fund it.

    • Lowell Morrison November 24, 2014, 12:39 pm

      Yep, I remember Republican Congress after Republican Congress “Borrowing” (aka Stealing) from the Social Security Pension funds for pork barrel, I remember the Republican President (and CIA) funding the freedom fighter Fidel Castro only to have him overthrow the US Backed Cuban Government and then tell us “I AM A COMMUNIST” (aka as thanks for the money, now take a long walk off a short pier). I remember “under God” being added to the Pledge of Allegiance because no Communist would ever say “under God” (thank you Tail Gunner Joe and his mouth piece Dwight Eisenhower) .
      The issue is folks, that people who are one issue Soap Boxer types are not helping…
      I once was Republican, but am now a registered Democrat, and a moderate. Lets put that in words of one syllable.
      I support gun ownership.
      I do not support anarchy
      I do not support congress men who are only concerned about putting my money in their pockets
      I do not support hypocrites who tell me that financial conservatism/Austerity is the only way to go. Look at Europe, they have used Austerity to “help” their countries for nearly 20 years, and their economies have tanked because of it…
      I do not support ONE Issue deciding who I am going to vote for. “AKA there is no such thing as an unmixed blessing”

      And I suppose I will get a lot of flack over this, but then again my asbestos suit from DARPA Net is still hanging in the closet, and it is Persephone Brand.

    • Robert November 24, 2014, 12:44 pm

      Petru, I don’t know what country you are from but sounds like you are ready for the following. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act it will evolve into what Medicare is now. I have it and I know. They will dictate what doctors you can see (in our network), tell you what medicines you are covered for and how much you have to co-pay on them, tell you what hospitals you can go to and what test and medical procedures you are allowed to receive and finally by withdrawing assistance and care will determine if you are ready to die. There is an undercover part of ObamaCare that encourages euthanasia. How do I know this? I have a grand daughter who is married to a doctor and they tell me what they are finding out as the “plan” unfolds. All those national plans you quote? Why do people from those countries, if they have it so good, have come to the United States in the past to get health care? Because what they have stinks that is why. I have had more than one Canadian tell me what it is like in Canada and all those other countries are the same. England, France, Germany, Australia, you name it, it stinks. Finally, it is about control of the populace which is twinned with Gun Control. If you think all that is great just stick around. You’ll have it unless you are rich and can get care outside the system.

      • petru sova November 24, 2014, 4:05 pm

        Robert, I am not on Medicare but my private insurance company is already doing exactly that to me, (telling me which doctors I cannot see) that’s exactly why we should have National Health Care because with everyone on it the government could not dictate which doctor you would see because if they did do that then those doctors and hospitals would all go out of business immediately which of course would destroy the entire ability of the country to care for any of its people even without a pandemic and it would happen immediately something that would cause the people in power to be voted out or thrown out in a matter of weeks.

        • Robert November 25, 2014, 12:36 pm

          Petru, so you see what I have said. Perhaps I misunderstood you when you referred to “national Insurance.” That is generally what One Source means, the one Obama really wanted. Government run and controlled. The Feds would tell the insurance companies what they could offer and what they could charge but the government would dictate what the coverage would be, just like ObamaCare. The true national insurance would be when you are able to buy across state lines and the policies are portable. The “national” government needs to butt out of our lives. More Republican governors are demanding that Washington remembers and honors the 10th Amendment. I just received a reply letter this last week from the Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, about the feds trying to control all the waterways nationwide under the so called “rules” of the EPA. What the EPA has written, and it becomes law without the approval of congress, is that any waterway, by their definition, comes under the federal control. Think a dry wash that only runs a couple of times a year in Arizona or water running down your street when you have a prolonged rain in your area that causes minor flooding. Yes, rivers from the Mississippi to the little stream that runs down through a farmer’s ranch out in no where ville. Get the idea now?

    • Larry November 24, 2014, 3:11 pm

      It sounds like everything wrong is those rascally Repubics fault. Nice try but you’re not convincing many with that BS.

    • DARYLE November 24, 2014, 9:42 pm

      Thank you for your comments it is a breath of fresh air to listen to someone that is not beholding to any party. A second amendment supporter who is informed that doesn’t get all his news from Fox, Msnbc ,or any singular news outlet. Bravo to you sir.

  • John L November 24, 2014, 10:44 am

    My definition of a dumb voter is anyone, regardless of political affiliation, blindly voting the party line. I have been a registered Republican for 41 years because their values most closely match mine. Have I ever voted for a Democrat or an Independent? Dozens of times. I do my due diligence and truly investigate every candidate. This includes calls and emails asking very specific questions on topics of interest. I taker voting very seriously, and I am the only one that will decide how that vote is cast.

  • Will Boyd November 24, 2014, 9:39 am

    I’ll wait to see if a Republican Congress has the guts to do anything about Obamacare before I decide. Already both Boehner and McConnell are looking for cover for doing nothing and they’ll need it.

  • Centurion_Cornelius November 24, 2014, 5:42 am

    You hit the nail on the head, Brother!

    Our job is to “educate” less-informed citizens. It’s pretty simple:

    Our opposition, the rabid Marxist/Leninist set, thinks that since they have all the major media on their side: TV, cable, print, and some politicians, they cannot loose. BULL! We turn their own strategy against them thus:

    Next time you are on break at the factory, or at the office water cooler, or have some down time on the farm or ranch, ask a fellow worker: “What do you think of them calling us stupid? How honest are they if they have to lie to get things done? How do you feel about a liar? Ever been lied to?” You get the idea. Start a conversation and show them the true colors of these tyrants.

    Sure, you’ll get some ribbing or push-back from some that are “low information” types. But, keep it up. The current state we are in has been brought about by over 100 years of ceaseless propaganda. That’s the way of tyrants. They are relentless. We have to be more so! Be a patriot-SOUND OFF!

    A personal face-to-face talk and, hopefully, a “conversion” of an uneducated person is much more effective than the BS media song and dance. Plus, you can demonstrate to them the mass-media, where they get their info from, deceives them and has their own agenda.

    Preach FREEDOM of thought, mind, and deed.

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