Deer Camp

Corn HunterTo be successful this hunting season, there is one single thing you must possess before all others—information. Whitetail hunting is a skill that can be honed and fine-tuned through practice as well as just plain-and-simple intelligent preparation. From knowing the lay of the land you will be using to effectively choosing the right gear to effectively prepping for your days out in the field, you must be prepared if you hope to be successful in your quest.

We here at want to help you in this effort. As part of our “Deer Camp” series, we will bring you expert advice on how to get the most out of deer season this year. From tips and tactics to gear selection, these pieces will give you the information you need to make intelligent decisions and plan properly for your season.

  • Part 1: Top Four Tips To Scouting Now — Four tips to jump start your preseason scouting, from walking and scouting your hunting land to how not to spook deer right out of the gate.
  • Part 2: Early Season Deer Stand Tips — Food is the name of the game in the early season. These are the best spots to locate stands, along with the best times to hunt them for maximum results.
  • Part 3: Follow the Moon — Thoughts and theories on how to get the most out of using the moon’s position in relation to the Earth to predict the best days and times to hunt.
  • Part 5: Five Top Backpacks — You don’t have to hunt all day for a pack to be critical in helping you tote and organize your gear. Five packs and their features that make them great choices for the deer hunter.
  • Part 6: Essential Trail Camera Know-How — Here’s what to check before you hang them, where to hang them and how to get the most intel from them for the best season possible.
  • Part 7: Making The Call — Grunts, bleats, rattling. What calls to make, what they mean to the deer and when they are the most effective.
  • Part 8: Keeping Warm — When the mercury plummets, here’s how to dress for the cold with a look at gear designed to keep you warm and undetected by whitetails at the same time.

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