GunsAmerica Launches Seller Verification for All Users!

Dallas, TX – GunsAmerica, a premier online marketplace for firearms and shooting accessories, announced today the launch of its seller verification program for all users. This new initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of transactions and protecting the interests of buyers and sellers on the platform. 

With this new feature, all sellers on GunsAmerica will now be required to go through a verification process to ensure they are legitimate and authorized to sell firearms. This will help to prevent any fraudulent activity and ensure that transactions are conducted in a safe and secure manner.

“The safety of our users is of the utmost importance to us,” said Chris Linville, Chief Operating Officer of GunsAmerica. “With the launch of our seller verification program, we are taking a significant step forward in ensuring that our users can buy and sell firearms with confidence.” 

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The verification process will be simple, straightforward, take less than a minute, and will include a liveness check and verification of the seller’s identity. This will provide buyers with the assurance that they are dealing with legitimate sellers to mitigate any risk involved when purchasing a firearm online. 

GunsAmerica has always been committed to providing its users with a safe and secure platform for buying and selling firearms. With the launch of its seller verification program, the company is now taking its commitment to safety to the next level. 

For more information on GunsAmerica and its seller verification program, please visit their website

Chris Linville 

About GunsAmerica 

GunsAmerica is the leading online marketplace and media source for firearms and shooting accessories. With a focus on safety and security, GunsAmerica provides a trusted platform for buyers and sellers to connect and conduct transactions. Founded in 1997, GunsAmerica has become the go-to destination for firearms enthusiasts and collectors. 

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  • Jim March 17, 2023, 1:34 pm

    This makes a lot more sense than the government passing a new law that doesn’t fully address any issue, and is full of holes.

    As a seller, I am only concerned about what will be done to ensure my information is secure. And, in spite of any reasonable safeguards, it seems inevitable that leaks occur.

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