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The Gun Club of America is a club run by the American Gunsmithing Institute. Whether you are serious about gunsmithing, or just serious about guns, the monthly content that AGI puts out is truly impressive, and will become a library of ongoing knowledge.

GunStock is a special 3 day event in Fallon, Nevada, to get to meet the instructors and learn a whole bunch of new stuff not in the video series DVDs or the monthly magazine content.

When you join GCA, you get a monthly printed magazine and companion DVD. The lastest one is 2 hours 18 minutes long!

Each DVD has current news of the industry, and a detailed video course on the dissasembly, reassembly, and gunsmithing of a new firearm.

This last one had a lot of content from SHOT Show and Media Day at the Range.

As well as a complete overview on the Ruger LC9 and LCP.

The meticulous detail found in all the AGI stuff is superb. If you are a detail oriented person who loves guns, a career or suplementary income could be just the thing to make of your love of shooting.

America Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)

Not a GCA member yet? Call to join at 1-800-435-4262 or go to

To sign up for the GunStock, call 1-800-435-4262, or go to

If you are serious about guns and learning how they work inside, the Gun Club of America (GCA) may be something you should consider. It is run by the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), and for three days in June, the 15th to the 17th, they are going to have their first “GunStock” event ever in Fallon, Nevada. It is a chance for students to meet the instructors that appear in the AGI videos, and learn about a bunch of new subjects. Most importantly, you get to shoot OPG and OPA, “other people’s guns,” and “other people’s ammo.” For members of the GCA the rates for the event are discounted through April 25th, and besides being a great learning experience and a lot of fun, part of the proceeds will be donated to a veterans charity called The Pathway Home.

Since we did our first article on AGI back in December, they have signed me up for a Gun Club of America subscription to check out what they have to offer for $19.95 per month (or $29.95 for the silver level). I have to say, as impressed as I was with the video course catalog (which I hope to cover more of soon), this monthly magazine and video diary of sorts is at least as impressive, and that they do it every month is truly something special. The printed magazine carries in depth coverage on gunsmithing topics, as well as firearms history, like a texbook update, and the DVD video is both an overview of new developments and a hands on gunsmithing course on a new gun in the marketplace, screw for screw, spring for spring, part for part, gun take apart and gun back together again, plus things to watch for and simple fixes to common problems.

AGI is a video gunsmithing school that certifies actual gunsmiths. Do you know of any regular college who will send you an update every month on new developments in your field and a complete overview of how to deal with it? This is what AGI does with the Gun Club of America. Using both a monthly printed magazine and 2 hour plus DVD, you get a complete update on what’s going on in the gun world, plus a detailed instruction on how to work on a new gun. The price for the update is $19.99 for their “bronze” basic level, or $29.99 for the “silver” level, that gets you also 20% off of the entire DVD line, as well as special access to extra stuff on the website.

Check out the Gun Club of America. Now is a great time to get involved, and the GunStock event will be a great time to get questions answered you may have about gunsmithing in general, and what a long term learning program with AGI can do for you. The gun market is growing every day, and that will translate to a lot of custom gun work, a lot of broken guns, and a good primary or secondary living for those who put the time in and grab the resources available. I met the AGI guys at SHOT this year and they are the real deal. If you have considered becoming a gunsmith, or just being able to learn more as you go and enjoy working on guns, AGI is worth your time, and this GunStock event seems like a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

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    license to carrr firearms

  • francis rice April 2, 2012, 6:19 am

    its a real good thing to know about guns and shooting guns,and fixing,and what it takes to owne a gun!

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