Handi-Racker Just Got Handier!

By Justin Opinion
Last fall I told you about a nifty little product that can make life easier for many shooters who have difficulty racking the slide of a semi-auto pistol. That product is the Handi-Racker, and it does just what it says. It takes grip strength and upper body strength almost out of the equation.

For a quick re-cap, the Handi-Racker is a small plastic block (available in several sizes) that fits over the slide of your pistol, on the muzzle end, and allows you to push the frame of the handgun to rack the slide rather than having to pull the slide itself. This simple change of motion and force will enable nearly anyone, regardless of age, strength or condition to work the action of a pistol. As I demonstrated in my review of Handi-Racker, it is also highly effective in clearing a jammed gun.
The only complaint I had with the product was that it did not offer a size large enough to fit some common handguns, such as the Glock 21 or Smith & Wesson M&P 45. Well, good news! The makers of Handi-Racker now offer an ‘extra-large’ size that will fit those pistols and more. The new “Extra Large” size Handi-Racker easily accommodates the largest pistols. In addition to that important upgrade, the product packaging has been refreshed – and from what I hear there are more and more dealers stocking Handi-Racker. So check with your local sporting goods store, or visit online at: https://www.handi-racker.com/

If you missed the full product review here on GunsAmerica, you can catch up at: /blog/handi-racker-help-racking-semi-auto-slides/

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  • Alfred Bisson October 14, 2016, 9:35 am

    I use a rubber jar opener for my 380, So easy & cheap

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