Hatsan USA Introducing AR-Style 12-Gauge DF12

The DF12 is the latest addition to the Escort series. (Photo: Hatsan)

Hatsan USA is adding an updated, sleeker model of the tactical box magazine-fed shotgun to their Escort lineup with the new Escort DF12. This semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun features an AR-like design with an in-line stock and vertical pistol grip.

With an 18-inch barrel chambered for 2.75 and 3-inch shells, the DF12 has a slender forend and a conventional adjustable triangular buttstock. While it doesn’t cut a lot of weight over the previous Escort SDX12 introduced last year, the DF12 is a little easier to handle with more options for accessories up front.

Like its predecessor, the DF12 comes loaded with features that make it a capable shotgun for all needs, whether they’re gun games, protection at home or hunting. Each DF12 ships with both a 5-round box magazine as well as a 2-round magazine to comply with certain sporting requirements, with 10-round magazines sold separately.

The DF12 is built on a familiar two-piece alloy receiver design with standard AR-pattern controls. The charging handle is fixed to the bolt but reversible for use on either side depending on the shooter’s preference.

The DF12 ships with a complete accessory package including a set of five chokes. (Photo: Hatsan)

The steel barrel is fully chrome plated for protection against wear and corrosion and threaded to accept chokes. It uses a compact gas piston system tucked under the modular forend.

The forend has a full-length 6-o’clock rail as well as short rails at the 3, 9 and 12-o’clock positions. It also has modular slots along both sides for use with the widest possible range of accessories.

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Escort DF12 shotguns ship with two sets of sights, a fixed carry handle setup as well as a folding set of polymer backup iron sights. They also ship with a set of chokes, including a cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full choke.

With an unloaded weight of just under 9 pounds, the DF12 is light enough to remain handy but not too light that it’s uncomfortable to shoot. For a little more recoil absorption the stock is fitted with a rubber butt pad. The DF12 has an overall length of just under 38 inches.

As always, the MSRP will be a big selling point, too, at $699. For more information visit Hatsan USA.

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