22plinkster shares his thoughts on the H&K VP9.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Casey Math September 11, 2017, 11:06 am

    Just for the aftermarket upgrades if for nothing else (including decades of proven flawless performance), a person would be much better suited by simply going the Glock route and picking your choice of pistol sizes. There are entire industries devoted to aftermarket upgrades for the out of the box superb Glock firearms should one feel the need to improve on virtual perfection. I have depended on various Glocks since the first generation of the pistols were introduced, initially having to endure the laughter at owning “that plastic gun”, and hearing all the tales of the pistols somehow being invisible to airport x-ray…….all the while owning a pistol that shot what I aimed it at and ran at 100% reliability. Why on earth one would pay so much more for the “pistol de jeur” with the H&K VP9 is beyond me and someone PLEASE tell me why an HK magazine sets a person back some $50 when you can get two high cap Glock mags for that and have change left over or go the MagPul route and buy 4 for that money……again with change left over? I am always amazed at people that always buy what the gun magazines tell them to buy rather than listening to common sense or the testimony of tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel who daily count on the Glock to defend themselves and the people they are hired to protect. Save money, get a better gun and BUY GLOCK. Enough with the metrosexual influenced promotion of whichever new and pricey firearm some gun maker influenced gun magazine tells you to purchase. Stick with what has been long proven to be a true lifesaver while saving hundreds of dollars to purchase ammo to truly further your shooting abilities through practice! GLOCKS DON’T FAIL, a fact proven for some 35 years now and have won shooting award after shooting award. Buy sensibly, buy GLOCK! You and your family’s life may depend on it!

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