Holosun 407K; Cherry vs. Lime

Glock 43X with 407K V2 Red front. G48 with 407K X2 Green rear.

Holosun model numbers can be confusing and some would be aided by using a secret decoder ring.  The 407C, 407CO and 507C are for full-size pistols and use the same slide cut as an RMR.  The 407K and 507K are for micro pistols like the Glock 43x and Sig P365 and they use a totally different slide cut than their full-size cousins.

Last fall I bought a Glock 43x as a new carry gun.  I really liked what I read about the 407K and I pre-ordered a couple for testing and eventually carry.  I sent my slides (43x and 48) to Jagerwerks to get cut for the 407K.  Jagerwerks is meticulous to the point that two different optics using the same footprint come with different length screws specific to the optic being used.  The same cut does not mean one size fits all.

I took advantage of their Black Friday sale last November with slide cuts of only $80 and sent them off.  I had them back within 10 days.  Sadly the lead times are longer now as they are much busier.  Jagerwerks does offer refinishing with additional lead time.  I am in Arizona not Florida so I did not get them refinished and instead just hit the bare metal with some automotive primer from a rattle can.

407K Red and Green are the same size, the only difference in the dot color.

Most people choose the 507 models over the 407s but not me.  I can’t stand the 507C or 507K.  They both feature a 32 moa ring with straight lines at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock with a 2 moa dot in the center.  The 2 moa dot is way too small and the ring too large.  Also, what’s with the lines on the ring?  I’m not Maverick flying an F-14 against Jester.

If you saw my review of the Aimpoint H2 6MOA then you know how much I hate small dots for rifles.  I hate them even more on pistols.  The small dot is needed for precision argument does not hold water for rifles and it’s even dumber for pistols.  A 10moa dot only covers 5 inches at 50 yards which is small enough for headshots on an IPSC target if you have the skills to do it with a pistol.  Most don’t, including me, not on demand at least.  You really don’t need a 2 moa dot on a pistol, especially a carry pistol.

Luckily for me, Holosun makes the 407 series.  The full-size 407CO has an 8 moa donut and the micro 407K has a simple, clean 6 moa dot.  Bonus Round!  The 407 series also cost less than 507’s.

I have been carrying the Glock 43x with Shield Arms S15 magazines and the Holosun 407K since late Nov. of 2020.  I also use it in competition from time to time to stay proficient with my carry gun.  It’s safe to say I love the package, especially with the 407K.  Iron sights get harder to see as we get older and I am there now.  To see irons clearly I need to use readers.  With a dot, it does not matter if I have glasses or not.

43X with Cherry 407K and 48 MOS with Lime 407K and Surefire XSC light. Both are fed by Shield Arms S15 mags.

A dot takes away the advantage of longer slides as sight radius is no longer a thing.  After testing both the 43x and 48 with 407K’s I parked the longer 48 in favor of the 43x.  Both are the same width, height, and capacity; the 43x slide is just a bit shorter and lighter.

The 407K’s 6 moa dot gives me no problems with precision.  Hitting 8-inch plates at 30 yards is still difficult but I can hit them better than 80% of the time with a dot vs. about 45% with irons.

After 10 months of carry, my 407K red shows some wear.

My original 407K’s are the V2 version with large vertically stacked buttons (discontinued) and a red (cherry) dot.  Holosun recently released the 407K Green (lime) and it’s the current X2 version with smaller horizontally aligned buttons.

407K V2 uses larger vertical buttons.

I was dubious of the green dot against the light colors of Arizona deserts under our unforgiving sun.  I suspected it would wash out against light colored targets.  I was wrong.  The green dot is just as bright and easy to pick up with the eye as red and there are no issues seeing it in any conditions.  From bright sunlight to nighttime both are easy to see and shoot with.  The two optics are identical except for the color of the dot.  They weigh the same, are the same size, and have the same 50,000-hour battery life from a CR1632.

407K X2 uses smaller horizontal buttons.

Some people say green dots are easier to see or pick up but I did not find that to be the case.  I’ve been shooting red dots since the mid-90s and I have never had a problem with red and green is just as good.  After shooting a pistol match and a few hundred rounds in practice with green I don’t see an advantage.  I like the green dot, but it is neither better nor worse than red, just different.  Because of my long history with red dots and having red on many of my guns I would choose the 407K red over green.  But I would be perfectly happy to carry a gun with the 407K green as well. 

It comes down to a simple question.  Do you like Cherry or Lime better?

407K Red/Green Specs.

Green MSRP                                                                      $276.46

Red MSRP                                                                          $258.81

Reticle                                                                                6 moa dot

Green wavelength                                                           540nm

Red wavelength                                                                 650nm

Magnification                                                                    1X

Battery                                                                               CR1632

Battery life                                                                         50,000 hours

Brightness settings                                                          10 daylight and 2 night vision

Housing                                                                             7075 T6 Aluminum

Click adjustment                                                              1 moa

Weight                                                                               1 ounce


Holosun 407K Red                                                  

Holosun 407K Green                                            

Jagerwerks Optics Cuts      

Shield Arms S15 Magazines

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About the author: Matt Kartozian is a current Hi-Point Grand Master and former professional competition shooter, and gunsmith. Matt now works as a photographer and writer and can often be found on the sidelines of professional sporting events and on racecourses around the world. You can follow Matt’s adventures on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/customglock/ and https://www.instagram.com/durkadurkaphoto/

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