Spoil Yourself For Christmas – 11 Items To Make Your Holidays Better

Black Friday is over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil yourself. There’s some great new gear to be had, and with a few weeks until Christmas, you might as well drop a little hard-earned green on some great new gear. Here are a few of our picks.

Mathews VXR 31.5

Mathews has produced a number of vertical wonders over the years, and its latest incarnation, the VXR ($1,199), is no exception. The all-new six-bridge riser was engineered to reduce weight and provide the shooter with a durable and ultra-stable platform. Offered in a pair of axle-to-axle lengths — 28 inches and 31.5 inches — bowhunters have options. Both rigs feature a 6-inch brace height and come in an array of solid and camo finish options. The new platform is said by Mathews to increase cam efficiencies, which in turn boosts the effects of its noise- and vibration-thwarting 3D damping. The SCS (Silent Connect System) allows for easy attachment of the Mathews genuine bow rope and sling. For more information, visit www.mathewsinc.com


Cellular trail cameras are creating a buzz and for good reason. Reduce your human footprint and keep a 24/7 eye on your deer herd with SpyPoint’s LINK-S-DARK ($NA). This system blends SpyPoint’s solar panel and battery technology with its HIT (Hybrid Illumination Technology) flash system. The result is a long-lasting camera that delivers exceptional photos right to your phone, tablet, and computer. Other notable features include the camera’s rapid trigger speed and the fact that it utilizes the LTE network to ensure reliable photo transmission. For more information, visit www.spypoint.com

T.R.U. BALL Sweet Spot Pro

Make 2020 your best season ever by learning to master a hinge-style release. A hinge release forces the shooter to let the release fire the bow. The great thing about the Sweet Spot Pro ($208) is its integrated safety lever, which means no misfires and no broken noses. Engage the safety before drawing your bow and then click it off once you settle into anchor. The Sweet Spot features a solid brass with a quicksilver finish and comes with interchangeable fingers for added customization. Hot and cold settings are easily adjustable. For more information, visit www.truball.com

Ozonics Orion

The new Orion ($549.99) from Ozonics is the latest in scent-elimination technology. The Orion, like the popular HR300, features Standard, Boost and DRiWASH modes, but also incorporates a new-for-2020 Hyberboost mode. Hyperboost produces 25 percent more ozone to further fool the olfactory system of a cagey whitetail. The included XL battery guarantees extended battery life and the rubber over-mold design reduces in-the-tree noise. For more information, visit www.ozonicshunting.com

Bushnell PRIME 1700

Available in 1300 ($169.99) and 1700 ($199.99) models, Bushnell’s new PRIME lineup of rangefinders promises rapid yardage readouts as well as a reliable scan mode. The numbers, of course, represent how far in yards each 6x24mm model can range reflective targets. Fitted with an EXO Barrier on all exterior glass, images are vibrant and clear, and the Vivid Display is said by Bushnell to be 2x brighter in low light, which maximizes light transmission on all glass surfaces. For more information, visit www.bushnell.com.

Easton 6.5 Match Grade Carbon Arrow

The minds at Easton have cooked up a new carbon shaft. Dubbed the 6.5 Match Grade Carbon Arrow ($N/A), this projectile was designed for precise and predictable performance. Utilizing Easton’s proprietary ACU-Carbon Uniform Spine manufacturing process, which utilizes a single-die continuous-feed system, deflection, and weight tolerances are better controlled. The new 6.5 Match Grade shafts marry perfectly with Easton’s 6.5mm inserts and nocks to further enhance accuracy and in-flight stability. For more information, visit www.eastonarchery.com

Badlands Vario 33 Kit

Packs need to be changed from hunt-to-hunt, and Badlands has the answer. The Vario System consists of the Vario Frame and four separate packs that attach to the frame via a simple sleeve system. Swapping packs in and out takes only a few minutes. Best of all, you don’t have to buy the entire system at once. Purchase the Vario 33 Kit ($499.99), and then, over time, add additional packs like the Vario Day, Vario 50 OS and Vario 65 OS. Other accessories like the Vario Deluxe Batwing OS and Backcountry Meat Game Bag can also be purchased. For more information, visit www.badlandsgear.com.

Hoyt RX-4 Alpha

Hoyt’s latest addition to its carbon family of bows is the RX-4 Alpha ($1,699 without Integrate MX). Measuring 29 ½ inches between the axles and hitting speeds up to 342 fps, this 6 1/8-inch brace height rig is fitted with Hoyt’s refined-for-2020 ZTR Cam System. The ZTR is the third generation in the ZT cam series and is already being heralded for its combination of a smooth draw and rock-solid back wall. Hoyt, for 2020, has joined forces with drop-away-rest Kingpin QAD and added the Integrate Mounting System to its bowline. The Integrate Mounting System allows QAD’s Integrate UltraRest MX to mount directly to the face of the bow’s riser via a pair of slits machined directly into the riser. No more Berger holes. For more information, visit www.hoyt.com.

onX Hunt App

With Premium ($29.99) and Elite ($99.99) Memberships available, the onX Hunt App is a must-have tool in your hunt arsenal. Great for digital scouting as well as on-the-hunt use, this innovative system encompasses more than 985-million acres of public land and more than 121-million private properties. In addition, hunters can mark locales, share waypoints, track weather and the list goes on. For more information, visit www.onxmaps.com.


Coveted apparel, Sitka Gear costs a pretty penny. With that noted, you get what you pay for. Yes, Sitka has some new gear out, but they also have a new “WEB SPECIALS” feature on their website. Give it a click and save up to 50 percent on quality gear that will make your next hunt more comfortable than ever before. For more information, visit www.sitkagear.com

MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit

A staple for backcountry hunters, MSR’s PocketRocket ($114.95) got a bit of a facelift for 2020. The new PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit comes equipped with MSR’s pressure-regulated, fast-boiling stove, which nests perfectly in the kit’s ultra-compact Trail Mini Duo Cook Set. Push-start ignition is also a sure-to-be-cheered feature. For more information, visit www.msrgear.com

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