10 Scent Killers Sure To Boost Your Whitetail Success

It’s that time of year. Can you feel it? There’s a chill in the morning and evening air — north winds hiss and once green leaves rustle. The woods are coming alive and you can’t wait to plant your butt in a treestand or ground blind. Before you do, however, make sure you take advantage of the latest and greatest scent-control technologies on the market today. Few things foil a good hunt like human stink. The good news: savvy manufacturers work tirelessly each year and come up with new products that will help you fly under the olfactory system of the white-tailed deer. Here are 10 to consider.

Ozonics Orion

Scent elimination is what Ozonics does, and their recently-launched Orion is sure to boost your scent-control game. Compared to the uber-popular HR300, the Orion promises double the battery life — up 10 hours in Standard Mode and 8 hours in Boost Mode. Also, a hat-tipper is the added Hyperboost Mode; an innovation that produces approximately 25 percent more ozone. Run the unit in Standard or Boost Mode, and when prime-time hours arrive, simply depress the Hyperboost button. Another sure-to-be-cheered feature is the addition of a soft-touch rubber over-mold. This mold ensures a solid grip, even when wet, and reduces the chances of you creating game-spooking noise with the unit. MSRP: $549.99.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer No Zone

Wildlife Research Center has been helping hunters go undetected in the woods for decades, and its newest blend, Scent Killer No Zone, continues the tradition. Available in a 32-ounce bottle, No Zone is an air and space deodorizer that is fitted for a wide range of applications. This innovative spray is ideal for duffle bags, backpacks, vehicles, storage containers, and the list goes on. A special ozone-free unscented formula, No Zone fights odors without adding any fragrances. MSRP: $15.99.

ScentLok OZ Radial Nano

The wheels at ScentLok never stop turning. Enter the OZ Radial Nano. Designed for the burn-up-the-blacktop whitetailer, the Radial Nano was engineered to quietly seek out and destroy odors and bacteria. Operating off a rechargeable five-hour battery, this cylinder-like unit features 360-degree output to ensure maximum ozone dispersal. CycleClean technology allows the Radial Nano to effectively moderate ozone output by alternating between active and resting phases. This design prolongs battery life and guarantees just the right amount of ozone is being released. A tether strap allows for ease-of-hang in a tree or a ground blind, and it works great inside scent totes and the like as well. Four operating modes (Regular, Cycle, Boost and Boosted Cycle) give you ozone options, and the Inset Button prevents accidental activation. MSRP: 179.99.

HME Scent Slammer W/Ozone

They call themselves Hunting Made Easy (HME), and their fine line of products put an exclamation point behind the name. Ideal for those that hunt the back 40 as well as those that like to bounce across state lines, the Scent Slammer W/Ozone comes complete with an ozone odor eliminating device designed to attack and kill odors and bacteria on your hunting apparel. This bag/ozone unit combo showcases a 1- to 40-minute active ozone cycle as well as a 40- 360-minute resting cycle. Variable cycling along with an ozone output of 250mg/h helps prevent the wearing out of elastic bands and other materials. Chemical-free cycling leaves behind zero scents and zero residues, and the adapter allows you to use the unit on the go. MSRP: $199.99.

Scent Crusher Ozone Go

It’s a little device that serves a big purpose, and I don’t drive to a hunt locale without it in my vehicle. Yes, the Ozone Go from Scent Crusher helps control and eliminate unwanted odors in a place we often overlook: the cab of our vehicle. The Ozone Go produces chemical-free ozone, which is safe to breathe, yet still attacks and destroys a wide range of odors over a 30-minute time span. Easy to use, simply plug the unit into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet and let it run. MSRP: 29.95.

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace

We know Wildgame Innovations for their sound trail cameras and irresistible-to-game attractants. For 2019, the company tossed its hat into the scent-elimination ocean with the launch of its ZeroTrace. Utilizing what Wildgame has dubbed PureION technology, the ZeroTrace uses the healthy airflow of ion molecules to dispel nearby air impurities. The result, over time, is the creation of millions of powerful ions washing over your stand or blind. The small handheld unit sports a rechargeable battery pack with USB port and boasts a runtime of six hours. Blending into trees is the unit’s TRUBark texture. The ZeroTrace comes complete with a pair of batteries and a Collar Lock Mounting Bracket. MSRP: $209.99. 

ScentBlaster Starter Plus Kit

Some bowhunters, I included, like to use deer scents to mask the on-stand odor. Enter ScentBlaster’s Starter Plus Kit. This hang-anywhere-unit — thanks to a sturdy nylon cord — pulls your scent of choice out of a 2-ounce reservoir and disperses it throughout the woods. The wick will stay wet for the entirety of your hunt, which means not only will your scent choice help cover human odor, but it also keeps deer scent circulating. The unit operates off of for AA batteries that power a siled fan that produces a constant airflow. MSRP: $47.

Lethal Field Body Wipes

Ideal for the hands, face, feet, and head, Lethal’s Field Body Wipes are perfect for the truck, garage, and pack. Constructed from biodegradable bamboo fiber, used wipes can be discarded without causing damage to the environment, and they’re hypoallergenic. Field Body Wipes eliminate odors and stickiness from perspiration and is great to use for a quick wipe-down once you get to your stand. The wipes are also handy to have in the pack for quick cleanup after you field dress a deer. MSRP: $10.

Code Blue D/Code Spray

Formulated to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of game-spooking odors, D/Code Spray from Code Blue utilizes medical-grade nanosilver particles that target seven different microbial types. The spray remains effective after drying, which means you can spray your duds down days before your hunt, store them, and when it’s time to head to the woods, pull them out and they will be ready to go. MSRP: $12. 

Dead Down Wind Stain Remover

Hunt clothing gets dirty. It’s unavoidable. With that noted, stains can hold scent and spook deer. Ready to combat stains like blood, grease and the like is Dead Down Wind’s Stain Remover. This 5-ounce bottle should be used to pre-treat stains prior to washing, giving the concentrated formula time to break stains down. Stain Remover is safe on a wide range of garment materials and won’t cause colors to fade. MSRP: $6.

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  • Mike April 13, 2020, 1:55 pm

    FYI- before products like these were available, my grandfather taught me to use vanilla extract as a scent masking trick. I’ve had deer walk right by me. We also pack our hunting clothes in lockers with feed corn and mollases blocks.

  • Kenneth Torbik November 5, 2019, 9:50 am

    Do you have samples ?

  • Dean Sandberg November 5, 2019, 7:29 am

    I like these products, there is always too much scent in the woods!

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