2020 Gift Guide For The Father Who Loves To Hunt

Have a special someone in your life that loves to hunt? Father? Husband? Shirttail relative? Here’s a list of items that range from inexpensive to costly, little to big, subtle to showy. All are geared toward the serious hunter. All are awesome. Listed in no particular order.

All you can eat…with. Handy as a shirt pocket, the Compleat will turn its backcountry vittles into fine cuisine.


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, states the old adage, and these neat little implements are perfect for feeding the father in your life. Front-country camp to backcountry backpack, this superlight set of tableware is perfect for any hunter. It sports a spoon, fork, spatula/knife, and can/bottle-opener-veggie-peeler-tool. The spatula combines with the fork or spoon to fashion handy tongs. The whole compact package comes in at a superlight 2.3 ounces. SRP is $29.00. www.gerbergear.com

This blended down and synthetic puffy outfit is built to keep you warm and hunting hard.


Brand new from Sitka, this top-shelf system combines lightweight with warmth. I haven’t personally had a chance to wear the system, but expect good things when I put it through its paces during this fall’s hunting seasons. Rated as a mid-season piece and designed to be compatible for layering, the Kelvin Lite Down clothing features 900 fill Primaloft Gold insulation and compresses into itty-bitty spaces while not in use. If you want the father in your life to feel warm and fuzzy inside and out whenever he thinks of you, this new clothing from Sitka is the ticket. SRP: Pant $299.00, Jacket $349.00 www.sitkagear.com

Scouting with OnX and reminiscing about good hunts gone by. His OnX app is the author’s most-used digital scouting and navigating tool.


One of my favorite scouting and hunting tools, the OnX app allows you to view satellite imagery, find private/public land boundaries, mark waypoints, check the weather, navigate, read terrain, and much more right from your device. This Fathers Day OnX is offering a 30% discount on June 8th through the 21st with code “DAD”. If your father doesn’t yet have OnX on his phone, I highly recommend subscribing for him. $29.99 to 99.99 per year (before discount), depending on the subscription. www.onxmaps.com

A big mule deer the author harvested on a DIY public-land backcountry hunt while camping in his Big Agnes tent.


If your father dreams of backcountry hunting and wants a superlight tent, or is a backcountry veteran in need of a new home away from home, look no further. The Tiger Wall 2 is the most compact and lightweight tent I’ve had the pleasure to hunt out of and is well designed and well built. This three-season tent weighs in at 2lb 4oz, and the packed size is 5.5 by 18 inches. In case you’re not familiar with backpacking tents let me just tell you; that is light and compact. SRP is 549.95. www.bigagnes.com

Kitchen range for the backcountry. This tiny stove will do everything you need and then some.


This little pint-sized bit of nitro is all your backcountry hunting father will ever need to cook or boil coffee on. I’ve used the same PocketRocket stove (mine is the original model) for over two decades, and it’s still awesome. It’ll boil water in less time than it takes to tell about it, weighs in at 2.6 ounces, and quite literally fits in your pocket. Tough as nails and superbly designed, this little stove will last a lifetime. SRP $44.95. www.msrgear.com

The author with his favorite trail gun and a large handful of rattlesnakes he shot with it. His best run was nine snakeheads with nine shots.


Here’s another tool that I’ve used and abused for decades. Ruger firearms have a reputation for toughness, so if your favorite father needs (or just wants) a good trail gun for hunting, hiking, fishing, and so on, Ruger’s SP101 is one of the best. They’re available in a variety of models, but I prefer the 3-inch barreled, fixed sight model for toughness. I’ve personally shot a barrel full of rattlesnakes, aggressive javelinas, marauding foxes, and lots more with mine. It’s accurate, dependable, and comfortable to carry. Weight is 27 ounces, capacity is five, caliber is .357 Magnum. SRP $719.00. www.ruger.com

The best mug your father never had. Large, tough, and comfortable, this Yeti will help a fellow wake up in the morning.


Sometimes a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea is all that matters. Your favorite father will think about you every time he sips a hot brew from this awesome 14oz double-wall insulated mug. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and tough as a tractor tire, this mug is inspiring. Choose from a dozen color options. SRP $29.99. www.yeti.com

Cold drink, anyone? This soft-bodied backpackable cooler from Yeti will keep drinks cold and food fresh.


While on the subject of Yeti, take a look at this soft backpackable cooler. It’ll hold a Dad’s lunch, some pop or beer, a raincoat, fresh bait; pretty much anything and everything he may need for a long day of fishing. Best yet, it’s fitted with well-designed shoulder straps, turning it into the perfect backpack for fishing remote waters. It’s waterproof, features a Hydrolok zipper, and sports a nice grid of Hitchpoints for attaching accessories. Available in three colors. SRP $299.00. www.yeti.com

Compact and lightweight, the Maven scope is suitable for any standard-range hunting rifle.


One of the most lightweight, compact riflescopes on the market, this little darlin’ is sure to thrill your man on Father’s Day. Weighing in at only 12 ounces and measuring 12.4 inches long, this scope will be at home on a mountain rifle or in the whitetail woods. The scope is available in two reticle options, sports simple capped ¼ moa turrets, and features a lifetime warranty. SRP $550.00. www.mavenbuilt.com

The Author’s Kimber perched atop the antlers of a fine deep-wilderness bull he harvested in a snowstorm. The rifle is almost impervious to bad weather.


No Father’s Day gift guide is complete without a fine hunting rifle. Here’s one of my favorites. The Kimber Mountain Ascent is superbly balanced, beautifully built, remarkably accurate, and features a controlled-feed action. It’s also one of the lightest-weight hunting rifles on the market, at right around five pounds. Available in a nice range of chamberings, this rifle is a mountain hunter’s dream gun. SRP $2040.00.

Sleek and streamlined, the Javelin bipod sports high quality and design. Everything is modular, the legs operate with a single hand, and the unit is superbly lightweight.


Designed by hard-core mountaineering guru Rob Gearing, this fantastic carbon fiber bipod will fit in your favorite father’s pocket, snap onto his rifle in a split second, and up his odds of harvesting the buck or bull of his dreams. It’s superbly lightweight and compact. Featuring a magnetic attachment system and extendable legs, the Pro Hunt bipod weighs in at 6.3 ounces. SRP $328.15. www.javelinbipod.com

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  • You’reAnIdiot June 19, 2020, 12:17 pm

    You people are saying yeti is anti 2A are blind. They are anti NRA. There are several organizations out there actually fighting for your rights while LaPierre is getting fitted for another $10,000 suit. I don’t support the NRA either because they were COMPLETELY silent on the MURDER of Breonna Taylor and Philando Castile. Are you going to say I’m against the second amendment? I’d bet my gun collection is larger than anyone who would challenge me on my NRA beliefs. Oh and if you’re looking for a source on Yeti’s gun stance just look at the actual statement released by them, not what the NRA has to say about it.

    “YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment,” the company tweeted.

    Maybe one day when they get back to supporting my rights they’ll get money from me. As long as they keep letting my rights get flushed down the toilet by Democrats AND ESPECIALLY republicans I’ll put my money elsewhere.

  • Paul June 19, 2020, 8:03 am

    Yeti is anti 2A. Can’t believe their products are on your list. There are plenty of Yeti substitutes. Please republish list with hunter friendly products.

  • R. Keith June 15, 2020, 4:38 pm

    Unbelievable. You are actually endorsing Yeti. They are anti-second amendment. They refused to sell their products through the NRA and are against firearms. I go out of my way to dissuade people from purchasing Yeti Products. I refuse to go into Cabela’s as they carry Yeti products. May I suggest you endorse Pelican Products. They sell to our armed forces.

  • joe Synn June 15, 2020, 9:18 am

    Yeti has been banned in my family for a long time.

  • craig gardner June 2, 2020, 1:21 pm

    It looks like you endorse Yeti. Are they not against firearms and the second amendment?

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