True Timber Inflatable’s Blind (It fits in a Backpack!) – Available Now!

Update April 2021: The AirPack75 and AirPack90 are now available for purchase. Use code “15Hunt365” and save 15% site-wide at True Timber!

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TrueTimber is releasing its newest ground blind sheds featuring inflatable support beams.  This innovative air-filled design gives hunters an easier, faster, and more efficient way of setting up their ground blinds compared to traditional popups. True Timber is calling it the “Air Blind Backpack.”

The new Air Blind Backpack from True Timber.

The kit comes complete with a pump, accessories, and a stuff-sack-style backpack that it folds into. The entire setup weighs 15 pounds and can be raised in less than two minutes.

The Air Blind is inflated via two one-way valves located at the base of the pole at the entrance and on the top of the roof. Open the air valves and the Air Blind quickly deflates making it ready for you to roll it (or stuff it) back into the pack. The backpack itself is high quality and can be used as a hunting bag when not storing the Air Blind.

The Backpack is well-made and can be used as a hunting pack when not storing the blind.

The air-filled poles provide support for the structure and are designed to withstand the elements. If a tree branch, or snow falls on the blind it won’t fully collapse thanks to the air bladder system. Air will be transferred to another section, leaving the blind undamaged. In the event of an accidental puncture, True Timber provides two adhesive patches for fixing on the go.

The air bladder system connects at the roof.

The zipper-lined windows are reinforced at the base for shooters to use as a shooting rest. Some windows have a mesh camo liner. The Air Blind can also fit into a wider variety of spaces since it has no rigid structure. That means you can place it in tight spaces where a traditional blind would not fit.

The base of the air poles are leather-lined for durability. True Timber claims you can leave the blind standing for several months, with only partial deflation. The Air Blind will stay in place with the included anchoring system.

Reinforced windows double as a shooting rest.

I had a chance to see the Air Blind Backpack at SHOT 2020 Range Day and I was impressed. There was enough room for me to stand (I’m 6’1”), and it’s wide enough for bowhunting. It’s a revolutionary new product that will allow hunters to setup blinds anywhere. 

The one way valve has a reflective material so it can be seen during all hours.

The Air Blind Backpack will be available in multiple camo patterns and will be in stores this Summer.

Save 15% site-wide at True Timber using code: 15Hunt365

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  • Ed Manigault January 21, 2020, 7:33 am

    Cool. Would be great if it came in a waterfowl version with windows that open overhead.

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