BAKCOU Storm G2 Electric Bike – SHOT Show 2020

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A kingpin in the e-bike arena, BAKCOU continues to impress. While the Mule remains the top-selling e-bike of all-time, the manufacturer’s all-new Storm G-2 is hot on its heels. 

Fitted with a Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive motor that features all metal gearing as well as an upgraded inside-the-motor computer system, riders can bank on motor longevity and a smooth ride. A torque-sensor in the motor actually reads the amount of pressure being placed on the pedals and then generates a proportional amount of energy to match the energy output.

If you’re racing downhill, the motor isn’t going to kick in and increase your speed and create a dangerous descent because a limited-amount of pressure is being placed on the petals. Once you start climbing, however, the motor will provide all the energy you need. 

The Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor sports all-metal gearing and a torque-sensor that detects the amount of pressure being placed on the petals.

Other new features on the Storm G-2 are wire-wrapped cables and an all-new breaking system. The Rockshox Monarch, which sits virtually center-bike in the middle of the frame, is said by BAKCOU to provide a Cadillac-like ride. The gearing system also got a facelift. Still a 9-speed, the gear system, instead of going from an 11-tooth to a 36-tooth, goes from an 11-tooth to a 40-tooth, which makes climbing all the easier. 

The new breaking system also showcases wire-wrapped cables for added protection.

All Storm G2s come with an upgraded 17.4ah, 21ah Lithium-Ion battery, and like the popular Mule, is a 5-speed Pedal Assist. The Storm G2 is trailer compatible and is fitted with an aluminum alloy Pannier Rack. Front and rear mud fenders and an anti-puncture Tire Liner round out the features on this offered-in-solid-colors machine. 

The built-for-ease-of-climb gearing system goes from an 11-tooth to a 40-tooth.

The Strom G2 is available now and has an MSRP of $5,398. 

Sitting mid-body in the frame, the Rockshox Monarch suspension system ensures a smooth ride.

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