Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless Pro Scout – SHOT Show 2020

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As wireless scouting cameras continue to grow in popularity, trail camera kingpins continue to push the envelopes of design and functionality. Enter the new-for-2020 Defender Wireless Pro Scout from Browning. This 18-megapixel camera features a 120-foot IR flash range, and Illuma-Smart Technology automatically adjusts the IR flash to ensure quality nighttime images. The camera has an adjustable trigger speed between .22 and .7 seconds, and recovery time between images is just .4 seconds. Impressive. Plus, Defender Wireless Pro Scout users can set the camera to trigger up to eight images per trigger. The camera also features Smart IR Video. Best of all, setup, changes and the like can be accomplished using a simple Mobile App right from your smart device.

The Mobile App is easy to operate and allows the user complete camera control.

  Operating on a Nationwide 4G LTE Network, the Defender Wireless Pro Scout can be used by those with Verizon or AT&T, and month-to-month data plans and no contract mean you operate your cameras on your terms.

According to Browning Trail Camera’s Tom Rainey, testing has shown battery life is long, and the camera supports a new solar panel from Browning. Rainey went on to show and describe the camera’s app, which is super user friendly and allows the user complete control over all the Defender’s many functions. We were impressed, after looking at some of Rainey’s pics, at the overall quality of the images. They are crisp, clean and clear. 

Images delivered to smart devices are crisp, clean and clear.

The app also allows users to schedule picture uploads, meaning you can have them sent in real time to your smart device, or select a time during the day or night to have all of your images delivered at once.

MSRP on the Defender Wireless Pro is $219, and the camera will be available in early spring. 

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