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Hunting boots can be a topic of great debate; we all have our chosen favorites for many different types of weather. In addition to being an outdoor writer, I am a Licensed Land Surveyor and have had a pair of nearly every brand of boot at one point in time or another. Some have given good service, others I’ve walked off my feet. For warm weather boots though, I’ve found a brand that has been impeccable: the Courteney Boot Company.

The author’s well-worn Courteney’s are all old friends.

Author with Courteney Safari Boots

Produced in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Courteney boots have been very good to me. I have four pairs in three different models, and the first is just starting to show wear after eight years of serious work and hunting duty in all sorts of conditions. Made of African wildlife leather—I’ve found the Cape Buffalo leather to wear like iron—the Courteney family of footwear is comfortable, and best of all, quiet. They use a natural gum rubber sole—molded in the fashion of the tire sandals that the native Africans wear—giving a firm grip on the ground across the entire boot. That material is one of the quietest I’ve ever used, and wears very well.

The Courteney Safari

The Courteney Selous

Each pair of Courteney Selous boots is serial numbered

There are many models, but I’ve become fond of the flagship of the fleet—the Courteney Selous—as well as the Safari and Patrol models. They are leather-lined, so they aren’t designed for truly cold weather, but I’ve used them all over Africa, in the Scottish Highlands, in the Australian Outback and all over the U.S., including cactus-rich Texas. Courteney boots are also attractive enough to wear around town. I have a pair on my feet more often than not. If you enjoy the exotic leathers, they are available in ostrich, crocodile and hippo. The tongue is usually constructed of ultra-soft kudu hide. Combine the tough-wearing African leather with a sole that gets you close to game, as well as a look that suffices for travel, or casual wear, and you’ll be happy with your purchase.

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