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  • Charles Burklund January 5, 2024, 10:10 am

    I have been processing my own deer for decades. I found I get about half again as much meat as I would from a processor and this way I know I am getting the deer I took.
    The eye round is one of my favorite pieces of meat off the hindquarter. I cut it in half with the grain down the long axis, and then slice each of those halves thinly on a bias across the grain. I will have slices that are an inch or so wide by maybe two inches plus or minus long. Put them in a bowl with a little baking soda mixed with water for ten minutes or so will work to tenderize them even more. This is just the beginning of a wonderful stir-fry. I have a number of copycat recipes from famous Asian restaurants, as well as those I created on my own, so I can choose between Korean, Mongolian, Chinese, Thai recipes for what style I am feeling like that day. I keep hoisin, soy, oyster, fish sauce, Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce, et al, in my fridge. This is also a good way to introduce venison to those who have never had it or thought it was too “gamy” when they did have it.

  • Frank November 7, 2023, 6:18 pm

    Hi, and thanks for the article. I was in no way expecting to become a butcher by reading your article. I do think however, that it would be much easier to understand if you had some labeled diagrams and/or pictures. Other than the shank cut, it’s not easy to understand which cut is which when looking at the hindquarter. My lack of knowledge notwithstanding, I’ve butchered, prepared and consumed dozens of Whitetails. Proof that you don’t necessarily need to know which cut you’re dining on.

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