Darn Tough Socks: Lifetime Means Lifetime

Warm winter socks? Check.

Clay, are you really gonna write a column about socks? Yes. Yes, I am. Socks are an underrated part of your combat chassis unless you happen to be an ex-Grunt. For a Grunt, socks are of the utmost importance. If boots are the equivalent of tires, then socks are the air in those tires. A good sock can make the difference between arriving at your destination ready to fight or hunt, and arriving with blisters and boo-boos.

Summer wool socks? Yes actually. Check.

But this time, I don’t have to tell you how great the performance is on Darn Tough Socks. You can read other reviews, or just take my word and try a set. They feature a Merino wool that is good summer or winter, non-itchy, and padded appropriately for every occasion or task. None of which is why we are talking about them today. Instead, I am going to relay a personal story to you about the type of company Darn Tough is.

About seven or eight years ago, I got my first set. I was on a job and needed some warmer socks, so I picked some up at a ski shop. Tough life, I know. Welcome to PSD in Aspen, terrible conditions over near the million-dollar coffee shop, blah blah. Anyway, I just grabbed a set off the shelf, but was struck by the very large print that said “Lifetime Warranty.”

Available in a wide variety of colors.

That is worthy of a giggle to anyone that was in the infantry. An infantryman knows there is no such thing as lifetime socks. We have shredded everything ever made, including some weird Gov issue stuff that had literal silver inlays for hygiene. Try not to think about that when you pay your taxes this year. Anyway, I have seen nothing that holds up to walking with a ruck on for more than a year or so. Just doesn’t happen.

As time went by, I did end up with more Darn Tough socks, mostly thick ones for winter. Until one day I rather by accident bought a set of their ultra-thins. When they arrived, they lived up to the name. I wasn’t really happy with the purchase, but I opted to put them in the rotation anyway. The Ultra Thins were of a material that was almost like pantyhose, allegedly. Not that I would know that feeling. Anymore. In Minecraft. Let’s move on.

My new favorite; the work socks.

Long story short, the ultra-thins did develop a hole inside of a year or so. So rather on a whim, I decided to test out that Darn Tough lifetime warranty. Of course, I didn’t have the receipt, and I fully expected them to tell me to pound sand. I half expected them to tell me the warranty didn’t apply to something so obviously fragile or call it normal wear and tear, or really anything to weasel out of covering it.

Much to my surprise, even with something so obviously banged to hell and back by my filthy Fred Flinstone feet, Darn Tough rogered up. No questions asked. Send them back to us, thank you, sir, here is a coupon for a free pair. Shipping included! In a world of corporate lies, I was stunned that someone lived up to a promise.

This time around, I chose the latest creation from Darn Tough, the work socks. Like everything else, they are made in Vermont by American workers. The mill has been running for 40 years, keeping the little town of Northfield, VT on the map. The work socks are fantastic, and after my initial pair, I plan on upping my numbers over the next few months. Durability is something we should all be looking at right now. Darn Tough socks aren’t cheap, but they live up to their name. Buy once, cry once. With Darn Tough, you are never going to regret it.

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About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website, Off-The-Reservation.com

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  • Winters May 3, 2022, 2:38 pm

    I’ve been wearing Darn Tough and nothing but for seven years. I have yet to wear a pair out. They are the best available anywhere on the planet! From heavy hunting socks to dress socks, they are the best at any price! And no, I do not work for them.

  • Darin DeGnath May 3, 2022, 11:28 am

    I have bought a lot of their socks and on my last purchase I had one with a hole in it. I just needed the one sock replaced, not a pair. I just needed one sock. The Darn Tough company told me to mail the pair back that had the hole in them. It would cost almost as much to mail the pair back as to purchase a new pair. I’m a former Infantryman and Deputy Sheriff. I just needed the one sock replaced because they sold a faulty product to me. They could have accepted their mistake and sent me a new sock with a return receipt so I could ship the one sock back to them or they could have sent me a return package for me to return and for them to check it first and then send a new sock. They wanted the burden to be on me. All that said, when they build a great sock, it’s a great sock if it doesn’t have a hole in it. Just beware who your dealing with.

  • Brian May 3, 2022, 10:49 am

    I didn’t believe it when I got my first pair. In Houston it gets hot so sweat is the primary concern. These wick the moisture away from your feet. My running shoes get soaked fishing by the lake, giving the kids a shower or washing the car and my feet don’t feel a thing. Not soppy, no blisters and they don’t smell as bad as cotton. I have some old Hanes cool X something socks that are a polyester blend I used to wear before these that don’t even compare. If by chance all the DT’s are in the wash I’ll grab a pair of those and not only do they not work near as well keeping my feet dry but they feel like sandpaper. Spend the money on these things. You won’t regret it.

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