Global Archery: Dodgeball with Bows and Arrows – SHOT Show 2020

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On a mission to change the way the world views archery, Global Archery is dodgeball with bows and arrows. Not only is it a blast to play, but it’s safe and becoming such a hit that tournaments are springing up around the country.

A blast to play, Global Archery tournaments and leagues are popping up around the country.

The rules of the game or simple: opposing teams with four to five players on each team try to shoot one another with foam-tipped arrows. So fun!

Engineered with safety and durability in mind, arrows feature patented screw-on foam that is super-easy to replace. The nock of the arrow, dubbed the VaneNock, combines the nock and fletching into a single pliable component, eliminating the chance of damaged fletchings and busted nocks.

The VaneNock combines the vane and nock into a single, functional unit.

What about face protection? Don’t fret, Global Archery thought of that too. The Maverick Mask was created with antimicrobial foam, making it lightweight and breeze to clean.

Perforated metal mesh promises eye protection and an increased field of view while providing an undeniable sense of rigidity. Plus, the mesh eliminates frustrating fog-up common with other models. The Velcro strap is fully adjustable. 

The Maverick Mask is constructed from lightweight antimicrobial foam and is fitted with perforated metal mesh.

Finally, the bows archers use in this timed game of hits, catches and dodges are offered in take-down longbow models that require no tools. Designed for ease-of-use and lasting durability, bows are available in three models that include the S.A.F.E Archery Longbow (20-pounds of draw), Archery Tag Cadet Longbow (20 pounds of draw) and the Archery Tag Pro Longbow (29-pounds of draw). 

The foam-tipped arrows are fitted with replaceable screw-on foam tips.

Sanctioned leagues and tournaments are available, as are items like the Event Butler, Bunker Hunker, Blow-Up Bunker and Bag Bunker. Tournament and league prices vary by event.

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