Google Bans Republican Candidate’s Pro-Hunting Ads

Theodore Dziuba posing with the gobbler he took for Easter dinner. This photo caused Google to ban his ad. (Photo:

Theodore Dziuba is a Republican running for the state Senate in California’s first district. One of the major issues in the campaign is gun rights, and Dziuba is pro-gun.

“I am a proud gun owner, and defender of the Second Amendment,” Dziuba states on his website.  “I enjoy hunting and shooting sports, and I have a concealed-carry permit to protect myself and my family.  The Second Amendment is a right.  Yet every year, without fail, California takes more of our gun rights away, telling us what we don’t need.  It’s time for this nonsense to stop.”

As part of his campaign, Dziuba ran an advertisement on Google.  The ad included the word “gun” in it and linked to the campaign website which included a picture of Dziuba holding a wild turkey he had legally taken on private property with a Remington 870 20-gauge shotgun.  The gobbler was ultimately eaten by Dziuba and his family for Easter dinner.

Google banned the ad.

“According to Google’s policies, this photograph ‘promotes cruelty or gratuitous violence towards animals,'” Dziuba explained on his website.  “Any hunter will tell you that’s complete nonsense, and that sportsmanship means taking game cleanly, without suffering.”

Dziuba tried to run other ads on Google with mixed results.  The ads included:

  • “I’ll protect Gun Rights” (Banned)
  • “I’m a Proud Gun Owner” (Banned)
  • “Gun Rights: Come and Take It” (Banned)
  • “Protecting the 2nd Amendment” (Approved)
  • “Protecting our Gun Rights” (Banned)
  • “I’m a proud gun owner and a defender of Second Amendment rights” (banned)
  • “Theodore for Senate” (Approved)
  • “Theodore Dziuba: Gun Owner for State Senate” (Banned)

It appears that Google will ban any advertisement that includes the word “gun” in it, but will approve ads that reference the Second Amendment.

The Mountain Democrat reports that “there is apparently no way to speak to an actual Google person to respond to a few questions about their ad policy.”

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“There also seems to be no good way to reach the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, although a search for that very man will get you an impressive series of items regarding how to go about connecting with CEOs, in general.  No way to Google how to reach the top guy at Google, unfortunately,” the Mountain Democrat reported.

Ironically, Dziuba interned for Google when he was younger.  “The cruel irony is that when I worked for Google, managers would tell us, over and over, ‘Don’t say or do anything publicly that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper,'” Dziuba said.

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About the author: John Thomas is a U.S. Navy veteran, and a former prosecutor and defense attorney with over 20 years of experience in state and federal courts. He has handled everything from traffic tickets to first-degree murder cases and is a long-time supporter of Second Amendment rights and the rights of individuals to defend themselves, their families and their property.

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  • Pa John March 5, 2019, 5:54 pm is my favorite search engine recommendation. Also, install their “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials” as they work quite well. I run that in addition to Ad Blocker and they cut out a lot of crap. DuckDuckGo does not record your search data and therefore neither collects nor sells it to advertisers or government snoops. It does a great job of blocking so called tracker cookies and etc.. Change your browser’s default search engine to, and you won’t have to deal with Google’s infamous and highly questionable manipulated search results anymore. Reject all fascist trickery and deceit.

    Use instead of FaceBook. Get everyone who matters to you to sign up at and then sign out of FaceBook permanently. It really is that simple. Do it.

    “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state ” – Benito Mussolini
    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” – Benito Mussolini

    This marriage of leftists in the big banking, legacy media, and online social media corporations, with leftists throughout all levels of U.S government, to do what neither could do alone and render the U.S. Constitution irrelevant, is fascism by definition. A merger of state and corporate power, working together to destroy free speech and the right to keep and bear arms, and whatever else these wannabe iron fisted tyrants decide they want to impose upon what they view as a formerly free people. They see us as collectively too stupid and/or lazy to actively fight back. Are they right?

    The answer is free people engaging in free markets however it best suits them to do so, in a system best known as Free Enterprise. We recognize the simple truth that without free markets there are no free people. Quit using anything to do with Google. Sign out of Facebook and never go back. Refuse to do anything that would profit any of these corporate fascist entities as a matter of daily habit. Starve the beast. Corporations can legally censor and discriminate against us, but we in turn can boycott all who do so, and favor only those corporations and businesses that fully respect and support ALL of our constitutional rights. Please do your part and stop enabling your enemies! Boycott them in every way you can. It really can be that simple, but only if we each of us all do our part to boycott them. Without our money they have no power.

    • Bob March 6, 2019, 12:59 pm

      The left in Big Banking? Seriously? Republicans are the ones who keep deregulating the financial sector. Bush economic collapse ring any bells? How about the Commodity Futures Modernization Act that helped lead to it by deregulating the credit default swap market and the lending/venture banking sectors. The left definitely holds sway in the media, simply because you don’t go into journalism unless you have left-leaning tendencies, but banking? Good luck finding any banking executive that isn’t a died in the wool Republican. Heck, good luck finding a wealthy executive in any corporation that isn’t Republican. It’s too easy to get indoctrinated into the corporate “nothing matters but profit, get as much as you can and screw everyone else” attitude.

      • Gpaw March 7, 2019, 12:07 pm

        Bob, you are an idiot.

  • Earl Haehl March 5, 2019, 12:10 pm

    Google is private entity and has the right to restrict speech. That said, it exercises a lot of quasi governmental powers The government has no obligation to support Google’s activities by upholding it as a monopoly or upholding its copyrights from infringement or ridicule.

  • Viet Vet March 5, 2019, 11:11 am

    Some enterprising soul will eventually find a way to get their attention!!

  • Robert Terry March 5, 2019, 9:57 am

    Don’t use Google. There are plenty of other search engines out there that are just as good and DON’T track you or censor content.

  • Justista March 5, 2019, 9:40 am

    “It appears that Google will ban any advertisement that includes the word “gun” in it, but will approve ads that reference the Second Amendment.”

    I bet not if you put the words “I am anti” in front of it.

  • Rex Dickerson March 5, 2019, 9:13 am

    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the
    range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally
    impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    As far as search engines go, the only alternative seems to be DuckDuckGo.

  • Frank Colley March 5, 2019, 7:51 am

    I just may dump Google. Who REALLY needs them anyway! And, the rest of America is FED-UP with California and the states lack of respect towards America.

  • Joseph Mauriho March 5, 2019, 7:16 am

    How did you get a permit to carry? I was refused with no reason why I have no record nothing do you have any ideas. mBy the =way
    I am 81 and not as quick as I was. Any inform action would be welcomed.
    Joseph Maurino

  • Gary A March 5, 2019, 6:12 am

    So google dosn’t respect the first amendment either unless your a progressive then you can threaten to kill the pres. and they let that slide try to defend real Rights and they so oh no not a chance. How much longer are the people going to submit themselves to this type of abuse.

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