Leica GEOVID 3200.COM – SHOT Show 2020

For more information, please visit www.us.leica-camera.com

Blending extreme optical clarity with industry-leading rangefinding technology, Leica’s latest GEOVID incarnation, the 3200.COM, is turning heads. Why? The reasons are many, but one that can’t be ignored is the fact that the GEOVID 3200.COM is Lecia’s first-ever Bluetooth-compatible rangefinding binocular. Featuring what Leica is calling Bluetooth 2.0, connection distance and speed of connection have been boosted. Also pleasing is the easy-to-use app, and the fact that the unit can be programmed via the app or internally.

A serious jump in rangefinding binocular design, the GEOVID 3200.COM features Bluetooth connectivity.

The app allows shooters the ability to load numerous ballistic profiles, save them, and then import them from the app at anytime. Once programmed, the GEOVID 3200.COM can be connected to a Kestrel, and because all the ballistics happen on the Kestrel side, there is no long, drawn-out process for the rangefinder to deal with. In the Bluetooth mode, simply tell the rangefinder to connect to the Kestrel, tell it to read in yards or meters, and then adjust the brightness. You’re set to go.

The easy-to-use app stores throngs of ballistic data and is able to pair with a Kestrel.

In addition to connecting to the phone and Kestrel, the app will also connect with Apple watches, so silent communication can be had between spotter and shooter.

Side of Bluetooth genius, the GEOVID 3200.COM combines 3,200-yard rangefinding with significantly improved soft-target capability. Of course, the optical side of the coin is flawless. Lecia is renowned for its patented Perger-Porro prism system; a system that promises crystal clear images and improved low-light glassing. Reducing fatigue is the bridge’s ergonomic construction, and during a brief show floor test drive, yardage return was clear and instant. 

A Show floor test run proved that yardage return was rapid.

Designed for maximum durability and no-fail performance regardless of weather conditions, AquaDura lens coating with water- and dirt-repellent ensures glassing sessions won’t be interrupted when Mother Nature’s mood turns nasty. The magnesium body is shock-resistant, and a protective rubber armouring gives the GEOVID 3200.COM a great grip and feel. 

The magnesium body is durable, and the protective rubber armor coating give the GEOVID 3200.COM a great feel.

The GEOVID 3200.COM will be available in late February, and has an MSRP of $2,999.

For more information, please visit www.us.leica-camera.com

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