Lucky 4 Slot Motion Backpack

Might as well get more than one – the convenience of having multiple sorted bags is well worth it.

Recently at a Midwest waterfowl show, I saw the new Lucky Duck 4 Slot Motion Backpack and I was amazed at the attention it drew.  Hardly a single person walked by without handling, exploring, commenting, and eventually buying one of three versions.  Offered in Gore Optifade Marsh (MSRP $209.99) and Timber (MRSP $209.99) along with marsh brown and green (MRSP $159.99), the backpack has an incredible payload capacity.  As described by Lucky Duck it:

  • Holds up to (4) motion decoys
  • PVC rubber bottom provides strength and stability 
  • Dividers can be configured to your needs with separate wing pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with a chest strap for extra security 
  • Padded back for comfort while carrying
  • Slots with drain eyelets for decoy poles
  • 2 side pockets for extra batteries or chargers
  • Accessory pocket with d-ring to store remotes
  • Sewn d-loops for accessory attachment
Optifade Timber camouflage is perfect for hanging your bag in the trees.
Optifade Marsh is easy to conceal even in the toughest poor coverage areas.
The third version is an all-around great choice.

But really there is much more the backpack can do.  For example, while four spinners will easily fit inside, so will four Agitators, or an agitator, spinner, and a half dozen packable decoys.  While dividers are provided, they are locked in place with double-sided heavy-duty hook and loop, but can all be folded out of the way if you want to haul in other types of decoys.  A dozen packable decoys once deflated will fit inside.  Mix and match whatever your hunt needs might be.  Being a backpack one can walk, or ride with the security of everything remaining inside and safe.  Zippered pouches can hold shells, calls, snacks, and other items making the pack an all-inclusive hauler of things you need for a hunt in one backpack.  Poles are stored on the outside. 

Here you see three agitators and a spinner easy packed giving you options for the conditions you will hunt that day.
If you only want spinners, you have plenty of room.
There are two slots that can easily hold four wings or more, so you have extras.
Each bag can hold 12 poles. 
To keep each pole from retaining water or a pole not draining the holders are vented.
The bag measures about 22” tall 19” wide and 18” deep.

One feature that is notable is the PVC bottom that keeps your gear dry, stabilizes the bag, and keeps the pack conformity while on your back.  Shoulder straps are large enough for all types and the padding adds comfort for long treks to your favorite hunting hole.  D-rings allow a safe secure place for remotes, but can also be used for a flashlight, headlamp, or your truck keys. 

Straps are padded and can be cinched tight to the bag or loose.
A clasp is provided to secure the pack across your chest.
Remotes, keys, or whatever you want to secure with these D-Rings.

The top of the pack when closed has a large, zippered pouch perfect for quick access to items, and has a dozen sewn nylon loops for attaching other accessories with carabiners, zip ties, or paracord.  Loops are also available in the front of the back, on the outside of the D-ring pouch for even more opportunities to secure items.  Two water bottles or thermos pouches are included with a drawstring to secure each item. 

These sewn loops will hold shells or can secure other items to the pack.
Water, coffee, or other liquids plus extra pockets for loose items.
Zippers are heavy and will not freeze up or break in tough conditions.

Another well-thought-out addition is the large handle on the top to grab the bag even with a gloved hand.  In total, there are four zippered pouches, two bottle storage pouches with drawstrings, 18 heavy-duty nylon attachment loops, four metal D-rings for secure attachment of remotes or other items, and a solid PVC base. 

The handle is such a great addition or can be the perfect way to hag a bag in the trees or in the blind.

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About the author: David R. Vaught, Ph.D. began hunting waterfowl at a young age due to his father being a waterfowl biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Today he hunts both public and private waterfowl grounds and is always working on something related to waterfowl throughout the year. He loves to turkey hunt and fish for walleye and crappie in the spring. David is a university professor, holds an NRA Level II coaching certification and works with youth in trap and skeet shooting in the summer with his annual trap-shooting academy.

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