Lucky Duck’s New Agitator

Over the years of hunting waterfowl, I have become a huge fan of water moving decoy motion. Lucky Duck’s newest decoy product is the compilation of ideas that provide waterfowl hunters an answer to stale, calm, and quiet spreads. Nothing worse than those early mornings with no wind or calm days and the spread loses any life-like properties we know attract ducks. One Agitator is great but put several in your spread and you can bring those decoys to life. The rings on the water break the mirrored surface with a very like-like appearance.  

A full feeding male Mallard that is highly visible.
The Agitator internals are housed in a canister that is removable and eventually interchangeable. 

The new Agitator has no less than three innovations worth mentioning here. First, the decoy is remote ready. All of Lucky Duck’s remote ready decoys use the same remote and are capable of running all your decoys on one remote. There are times when you want to turn them all off and rather than leaving your hideout, you simply hit the button and shut them all off. Multiple remotes give you other options. 

The battery, remote, and timer are housed inside the canister and seals tight as the canister is turned to tighten.
The pump is protected with a screen that can be removed and cleaned. The on/off switch is recessed to ensure it cannot be turned on in the bag.

Secondly, this is an addition to their line-up of Lithium Polymer powered decoys in the HDI group. These 4000 mAh batteries provide many more hours than a dry-cell battery and will run for a couple of days on one charge. The Agitator includes a charging port inside and easily connects to a special charger. After a long day of use, it will take 6 – 8 hours to fully recharge the large battery. 

I am not sure you can get enough of these in a spread. Placing them throughout helps give the spread action and activity in calm wind situations.

Finally, the Agitator has three different settings for agitating the water. These settings provide a random look on the water. The first setting agitates with three equally spaced bursts with longer wait times between each burst of three and repeats. Setting II bursts 2, 3, and 4 with incremental delays between bursts. The third setting bursts in a series of three but the time between each of the bursts is longer than the setting one. 

The action is wonderful and breaks the mirror surface of the water.

The working components of the agitator are in a removable canister that once removed from the feeding body, can be separated by unscrewing to access the interior. The idea of a removable body I think will allow for different bodies to be used to provide diversity in the spread. Hang on for that announcement. 

I have been using the Agitator this season and I love the versatility of remote capability, long run times, and durability. Overall this is a big winner in the water motion category for waterfowl decoys. I also find them easy to transport and use a small decoy bag to haul four at a time. You can remove the exhaust tube if you like making transportation even smaller. Each requires a decoy line.

I can haul 4 or 5 of these in one bag.
The exhaust tube is held on with a stretch cord and can be removed for transportation.
A good spread even with no other decoys.

Manufacture Data:

Suggested MSRP: $139.99

  • Realistic duck butt with lifelike motion
  • Throws water to simulate an aggressive feeding mallard
  • Removable exhaust tube for easy transportation
  • Easy access battery box with charging port
  • Will run 6-8 hours
  • 3 timer settings to vary the look of multiple Agitators
  • HD remote kit ready – sold separately
  • Includes:
    • 12V lithium-ion battery and charger

For more information visit Lucky Duck website.

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About the author: David R. Vaught, Ph.D. began hunting waterfowl at a young age due to his father being a waterfowl biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Today he hunts both public and private waterfowl grounds and is always working on something related to waterfowl throughout the year. He loves to turkey hunt and fish for walleye and crappie in the spring. David is a university professor, holds an NRA Level II coaching certification and works with youth in trap and skeet shooting in the summer with his annual trap-shooting academy.

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  • Max Schulte December 27, 2021, 5:18 am

    I bought the Agitator and only got 2 seasons out of it before it died. Anything that’s in the water and is electric is a gamble. I liked the action it put in my spread but not sure I will replace it. I will still use my wing spinners and jerk line rigs.

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