Lucky Duck’s New Goose Agitator

Simply put, the Goose agitator is a unique and effective addition to your decoy spread regardless of ducks or geese.  How many decoys can you say that about?

I know I am not the only one to make sure I have a few goose floaters in my duck decoy spread. Lucky Duck’s newest addition to their agitator lineup now includes a huge Goose Tail Agitator.  I say huge because it stands on the water nearly 12” tall and is an obvious reproduction of a goose.  This is not something small or a ducktail painted to look like a goose, rather this is a full-size goose tail with a powerful pump capable of moving a lot of water.  In either a spread of goose or duck floaters the new goose agitator is a perfect compliment to making your decoys come alive.

It pops out right away as life-like in size, color, and texture.  The white really shows up well and enhances the overall look of the goose agitator.

Following on the framework of all other Lucky Duck agitators, the goose uses their proprietary bucket system to attach the pump and electronics to the body.  A magnet secures the components to the inside of the body securely and allows the bucket to turn until it notches in place.  The bucket can be removed easily and then the components can be unscrewed from the magnetic base. 

Similar to other HD series Lucky Duck agitators with the same pump, battery, charging capacity, and battery.
The two-piece bucket design is a solid way to ensure a water-tight chamber for the electronics.  The ring is magnetically pulled into the cavity.  You can rotate the bucket as needed to push the stream of water in more than one way.

Inside the waterproof compartment are the timer switch, charge port, 11.1V 4000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery, and remote control USB hub.  Simplicity is obvious.  You can either charge the battery in place or remove the battery and charge it with a wiring adapter. 

The timer has a three-position switch that you can set.  There is no full-on.  Only in a timer configuration will the decoy run.
This is a powerful water pump that aggressively moves high volumes of water at the tail and creates both water ripple from the spray but also from the rocking of the decoy.

The timer provides three different sequences. These are also controllable with remote control.  The pump is the same pump used in all their agitators and their swimmer and is powerful. The goose in the water provides realistic aggressive feeder activity by throwing water up against the tail and both creating ripples by the water spray and the body of the decoy rocking.

The impeller does require some attention to keep it clean.  Dirty water with lots of grass and debris can be sucked up into the impeller so periodic cleaning is required.  The agitator operates in minimal water.
The motor is sealed into the watertight compartment.  It will provide many years of great service. The warranty on the Goose agitator is one year.

As mentioned before, the goose agitator is a realistic HD design with great coloration, on an EVA molded body.  The white tail pops when moving to create a very life-like feeder.  Battery life with the 4000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery is a full day and then some.  When using the remote they can be run for several days.

Being remote-ready is what sets the Lucky Duck line-up of agitators apart from others.  You only have to plug a receiver into the USB port and synchronize to your transmitter and you are fully remote.  All decoys require a receiver to be remote controlled but only one transmitter is required.
The molding follows well-carved detail and creates a realistic HD tail.
The size of this tail is over 12” and is a chuck on the water that looks correct.

As you work to outsmart ducks and geese this season consider the addition of the Lucky Duck Goose Agitator.  When coupled with other agitators this might be the difference you need to set yourself up for a great waterfowl season.

MSRP – $179.99

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About the author: David R. Vaught, Ph.D. began hunting waterfowl at a young age due to his father being a waterfowl biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Today he hunts both public and private waterfowl grounds and is always working on something related to waterfowl throughout the year. He loves to turkey hunt and fish for walleye and crappie in the spring. David is a university professor, holds an NRA Level II coaching certification and works with youth in trap and skeet shooting in the summer with his annual trap-shooting academy.

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