Mountain Dew Will Help Cover Your Hunting or Fishing License in 2020

Mountain dew is giving quick hunters and anglers $20. (Photo: Mountain Dew)

Mountain Dew is rebooting and extending a $100,000-plus program that’s made it popular in outdoor circles. For 2020, the company is reopening the Mountain Dew Outdoor Stimulus, which will pay you if you hold a hunting or fishing license.

“The response to our initial Dew Outdoor Stimulus was incredible and to celebrate our continued commitment to the Heartland we are issuing an additional stimulus, giving Dew Nation another chance to apply and enjoy what they love to do during this unprecedented summer,” said company rep Julie Raheja-Perera. “We love the Heartland’s passion for outdoor activities like fishing and hunting so we want to help make these pursuits easier all season.”

Mountain Dew is giving $20 to the first 100 applicants with a valid license every day through September 11. The program originally ran from July 15 through September 4, but due to extreme popularity, Mountain Dew is adding more cash to the pot and extending the promotion for another week.

Applicants just have to fill out a quick form and attach a picture of their permit for the $20 payout, available by check or through Venmo. There’s no catch or purchase necessary, but people will have to act fast: only the first 100 applicants per day will get the cash. The clock resets every day at 9 a.m. CT and spots run out fast.

The promo’s been extended by a week due to its popularity. (Photo: Mountain Dew)

As Forbes points out, Mountain Dew sales are high in Western states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. These are all places with large outdoor enthusiast communities.

“Mountain Dew’s roots share a deep sense of regional pride with the Heartland — it’s a way of life and a commitment to the community and land,” said Raheja-Perera. “We know this year has brought many challenges and that Heartlanders live for the days they can spend outdoors — be it on the fishing on the lake or hunting with families and friends. We want them to know we are out here with them by providing a small kick start to get outside and unleash their passions.”

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Mountain Dew, which straddles the line between soda and energy drink, has been a popular brand with extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts. And in 2020, that market is growing fast.

Part of the reason people are spending more time outdoors is that the wilderness is considered coronavirus-safer, particularly compared to other activities. It’s also easy on the social distancer looking to find a little space in the middle of nowhere.

Many Western states are reporting an increase in hunting and fishing license sales, but people don’t have to live out West to get in on this promotion. For more information visit the Mountain Dew World website.

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