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Unlocking the Secrets of Deer Communication

Kip Adams from NDA.
Kip Adams from the National Deer Association (NDA).

Hunting offers an exhilarating experience, but incorporating deer calls can elevate it to a new level.

Kip Adams of the National Deer Association (NDA) shares valuable insights into the often overlooked social nature of deer, revealing that these majestic creatures communicate regularly among themselves.

This knowledge, coupled with the right calls, can draw deer closer, enhancing your hunting experience.

Understanding Deer Vocalizations

Deer are far more social than many hunters realize. Does communicate with their fawns, and bucks interact with both does and other bucks.

This intricate social network in the deer community is something hunters can tap into.

Summer Calls: The Mew

During summer, a doe uses a soft, subtle ‘mew’ to call her fawns. This sound, replicated by hunters, can attract deer, offering an exciting hunting or photography opportunity.

This ‘mew’ is not just a sound; it’s a line of communication between a mother and her offspring.

Fall Calls: Grunts and Challenges

As the season transitions to fall, the calls change. Hunters can use soft grunts or mews to attract does or fawns.

However, attracting bucks often involves different grunting techniques. Various grunts can signal different messages, from a simple presence in the area to more aggressive challenges.

Rut Season: Rattling and Snort-Weezes

During the rut, the stakes are higher, and the calls become more intense. Rattling antlers simulate bucks fighting, a sound that can attract other bucks to the area.

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The snort-weeze, the most aggressive call, is typically used by dominant bucks. This call, replicated by hunters, can attract mature, dominant bucks.

Embracing Technology and Tradition

Modern hunting involves a blend of traditional skills and new technologies.

From simple mouth calls to sophisticated rattle bags and can calls, there’s a wide range of tools available for hunters. Understanding when and how to use these tools is crucial.

The Power of Timing

Timing is critical in deer calling. Certain calls are more effective during specific times of the hunting season. For instance, antler rattling is most effective during the peak of the rut.

Learn More and Improve Your Skills

For hunters looking to refine their skills and learn more about deer behavior, the National Deer Association offers a wealth of resources. Visit DeerAssociation.com for more insights and tips on deer hunting and behavior.

This article includes insights from a video produced by the National Deer Association, designed to help hunters understand and utilize deer calls effectively. See the full video embedded above!

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