Primos’ New Dogg Net E-Callers – SHOT Show 2019

The Dogg Net series includes the Top Dogg (up front and the tallest), the Horn Dogg (on legs at middle height), and the Triple Dogg (on the table in the middle with camo top, no legs). The Sit N Spin decoy is in front on the left.

Primos has a new series of predator callers, the Dogg Net series. These calls offer 360 degrees of sound and three different price points. They’re called Top Dogg, Horn Dogg, and Triple Dogg

360 Degrees

These calls have three speakers covering a full circle around the call. The biggest, Top Dogg, even has a subwoofer. They put out 110 decibels, 105 decibels, and 100 decibels. The Top Dogg and Horn Dog also have extendable legs that lift the call 24 inches above the ground to help broadcast the sound past foliage.

The Top Dogg has a subwoofer for the full range of sound, and it’ll sound great at your backyard party, too.

New Sounds

The Dogg Net series comes with sounds from Randy Andersen, Matt Pipio and Jamie Olsen. Top Dogg comes with 150 sounds and 15 hunts, Horn Dogg has 100 sounds and 10 hunts, and Triples Dogg includes 75 sounds and 5 hunts. They also play MP3 files.

You can load sounds via micro SD card.

New Remote and App

The new remote works out to 400-yards and you can daisy chain multiple units at various distances. Or, you can use the phone app out to 100 yards (which is really handy when you forget to bring fresh batteries for the remote–not that I’ve ever done that). The Top Dogg comes with a 400-yard remote, the Horn Dogg comes with a 200-yard remote, and the Triple Dogg doesn’t include a remote but works with the phone app. The 400-yard Dogg Caller remote costs $62.99.

The new remote has a full-color display, night mode, and works out to 400 yards. It’s included with the Top Dogg caller.

You can also stream music from your phone through the speakers. Yup, you can use it for tunes at your backyard BBQ as well as for calling in predators. The calls take 8 AAs each, and the Top Dogg includes a rechargeable battery, which is also available for the others. The remote takes 3 AAs.

The Top Dogg weighs 8.5 lbs–about the same as a bucket of ice cream. In high winds or precipitous slopes, you can stake the legs into the ground.

Top Dogg weighs in at 8.5 lbs, Horn Dogg at 6.5 lbs, and Triple Dogg at 3 lbs, and the MSRP is $549, $449, and $249, respectively.  You can add the Sit N Spin decoy, which has the same footprint and stacks on top, for $94.99. You can buy Primos’ Dogg Net series ecallers starting in April 2019.

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