The Roughneck Predator Call By Lucky Duck – SHOT Show 2019

Lucky Duck’s new Roughneck is touch and compact but puts out a lot of sound like its big brothers.

Lucky Duck’s new flagship caller has a lot to offer and is a significant update to their lineup. The Roughneck brings big volume, new sounds, a new remote and an all-new chassis to Lucky Duck’s venerable e-caller menu.

New Chassis

The Roughneck fits in line with the Revolt and Revolution e-callers but it’s housed in a new ultra-small chassis. I’m not sure of the exact dimensions, but handling the pre-production unit at the booth it feels like it’s half as large as the Revolution. It’s also weather resistant and has a silicone cover for durability and quiet approaches.

It’ll play any WAV or MP3 file loaded via SD card. This weather-resistant cover also houses the charging port.

Big Sound

Even though the package is smaller, it still delivers 135 decibels out of a 25 amp speaker. It comes with 150 calls, 50 of which are brand new sounds. The sounds come from the Verminator himself, Rick Paillet. Sounds can be loaded via SD card, and it can play any WAV or MP3 file–yes, you can even load your own sounds.

The new remote is larger with a bigger screen, adjustable brightness, and illuminated buttons.

New Remote

The new remote is larger than the one for the Revolution, but it has illuminated buttons with variable brightness. Night Mode switches the backlight to red so you don’t ruin your night vision and don’t illuminate your face in low light. The remote has a 300-yard range and runs on 3 AA batteries.

This remote also features a Night Mode that won’t ruin your nigh vision or give away your position. It runs on 3 AAs and has a 300-yard range.

This new call is ideal because it gives you lots of volume, quality sounds, and is very portable. We can’t wait to review it. Lucky Duck’s new Roughneck predator call will be available August 2019 with an MSRP of $399.

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