Top 5 Deer Rifle Slings

Andy’s Leather The Rhodesian Sling (Photo credit: Andy’s Leather)

If you’ve ever been on a spot-and-stalk or a long hunt toting a rifle without a sling you have probably found yourself realizing just how useful they can be. Slings make carrying long guns significantly easier and, if you know what you’re doing, can be used to create a more stable shooting platform. But all slings are not created equally. Check out our top five deer rifle sling picks.

Magpul MS1 QDM Sling (Photo credit: Magpul)

Magpul MS1 QDM Sling

The Magpul MS1 QDM Sling is a nice option for ARs (or any rifle with quick disconnect, push-button attachment points). It’s made for superior durability and versatility and it delivers. The MS1 QDM was designed to retain the functional benefits of the original MS1 sling but with the added bonus of faster attachment and removal. There are also different adapters you can use with it that are sold separately.

This is a two-point sling that can be used as a one-point sling with the aforementioned adapters. It’s made from 1-1/4-inch nylon webbing with Near-Infrared treatment to reduce the chances of it showing up on Infrared (hey, it’s a cool feature). Length can be adjusted quickly and easily utilizing the company’s MS1 Slider feature. A rotating bale reduces risks of snags and rollover. Metal hardware is corrosion-resistant thanks to a Melonite finish. And, of course, it’s made in the USA. Magpul offers the MS1 QDM Sling in black or coyote.

If you’re looking for a rugged nylon sling for your AR, I highly recommend this design. It’s been living on one of my AR-15 builds for some time now and has worked well both at the range and on hog hunts. Magpul has a well-deserved reputation for quality gear and this sling just proves their rep is legit.

Check it out online here!

MSRP: $74.95

Andy’s Leather The Rhodesian Sling being used as a stable shooting platform. (Photo credit: Andy’s Leather)

Andy’s Leather The Rhodesian Sling

Fans of bolt-action platform rifles may also be in the market for gorgeous leather slings and that’s what Andy’s Leather delivers. The company is owned and operated by Andy Langlois, a seasoned shooter known for beautiful leatherwork. His Rhodesian Sling was originally designed for use on the Scout Rifle – and if you don’t know what that is you should probably spend some time at Gunsite – but it can be used on any rifle with standard attachments. I have it in different colors on three rifles.

The Rhodesian Sling’s greatest feature is its forward loop which can be used to create a stable shooting platform should you so desire. It’s made from high-quality bridle leather and brass hardware. Attachment points are standard studs but Grovtec swivels can be used upon request. Keepers are also offered as an accessory.

Andy’s Leather offers The Rhodesian Sling in 1.0-inch and 1.25-inch widths in walnut, chestnut, or black. Hardware is available in brass, stainless steel, or black Cerakote. There’s something to be said for a good leather sling and all of Andy’s Leather’s slings are made to high standards. They look pretty awesome on my bolt-actions and lever-actions, too. When it comes to leather, these are my favorites.

Check it out online here!

MSRP: $76.00

Blackhawk! Storm Single Point Sling (Photo credit: Blackhawk!)

Blackhawk! Storm Single-Point Sling

The Blackhawk! Storm Single Point Sling line is comprised of fairly basic slings that are good for a variety of rifles. These slings are made using high-strength 1.25-inch wide nylon webbing and feature bungee material for added comfort and performance. They can be adjusted from 46 inches to 64 inches so they’ll fit just about any and every shooter out there.

Features include bar tacking and box stitching for superior durability and an elastic-encased mash clip at the attachment point. The nylon sheathing is compressed and tubular to reduce unwanted movement while simultaneously improving retention. Blackhawk! offers the sling in standard, quick-disconnect, releasable, Storm XT, Universal Swift, and Storm S-Type designs so whatever you’re looking for, odds are good they have it. Slings are made in black, coyote tan, or multicam.

One of these Storm Point Single Point Slings has been on my old Bushmaster for years. At this point, it’s filthy and worn but still as reliable as the day I installed it (in a rush immediately prior to a hog hunt). This is a more budget-friendly sling than some and one of many Blackhawk! manufactures that’s well worth using.

Check it out online here!

MSRP: $33.95

Mossy Oak Chickasaw Gun Sling (Photo credit: Mossy Oak)

Mossy Oak Chickasaw Gun Sling

Sometimes you want a camouflage sling (I certainly have a few). Mossy Oak has some great options out there which gives you the added bonus of matching your camo, should you so choose. Their Chickasaw Gun Sling is a good, basic sling that’s a great fit for your deer rifle whether it’s an AR or a bolt-action. The Chickasaw is manufactured using heavy-duty nylon webbing in different Mossy Oak camo patterns.

This is a nice choice if slippage is a problem with your slings. Mossy Oak’s Chickasaw Gun Sling has a non-slip silicone sleeve holding the nylon webbing so your rifle stays in place on your shoulder more reliably and can be gripped easily. The silicone is UV-resistant and capable of enduring high temperatures. A thumb loop is included for comfort and the sling is adjustable for length. Attachment points are sling swivels.

You can get this sling in patterns like Mossy Oak Break Up Country and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades although there’s also a plain black option with the Mossy Oak logo embroidered on it. This sling has been great on my Remington Waterfowler 12-gauge.

Check it out online here!

MSRP: $29.99

Brownell’s Quick-Set Latigo Sling (Photo credit: Brownell’s)

Brownell’s Quick-Set Latigo Sling

The Brownell’s Quick-Set Latigo Sling is one I like for my lever-action because it doesn’t have metal parts that can damage my stocks. It’s made from 1.0-inch or 1.25-inch top-grain leather – leather that’s pit-tanned Swiss or German cut by guild leather craftsmen. Yes, it’s that well-made.

The Latigo is made from an 84-to-86-inch strap of leather that’s looped so there are no hanging ends. Adjustments are made prior to use – this is a sling made for a careful fit and zero slip – and it stays the length you set it at without risk of coming loose or breaking. Attachment points are QD Swivels. Chicago Screws are also used. Brownell’s makes it in matte black, gloss black, or natural tan.

This is the perfect leather sling for your wooden-stock rifles. It isn’t going to mar the finish on your guns and that’s more important than you might think (I’ve had a few stocks dinged up by swinging metal parts on slings). The Latigo is a thoughtfully designed sling that functions well on any and all rifles. There are no hooks or parts that can come loose at an inopportune moment and it flat-out looks good. Plus, it’s highly functional, so that’s a win in my book.

Check it out online here!

MSRP: starts at $59.99

Bottom Line

Having quality slings for your rifles is a good idea whether you’re hunting or not. There are practically endless designs and styles available, too, so whatever you’re looking for is bound to be out there. All of these manufacturers have other sling styles available, so don’t only look at these specific slings, check out their complete lines. You can never have too many slings.

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  • Nate November 3, 2020, 9:52 am

    The most important thing about a sling is for it not to slip off your shoulder. For that, the Claw is the best I have used.

  • Lee Kiser November 3, 2020, 8:57 am

    For me, the only hunting sling is the “Safari Sling”. I’ve had mine for many years and I haven’t seen anything else that compares. Just Google it.

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