Wall Tent Wilderness Wood Camping Stove – Review

Note: the damper installed on the stove pipe is open so the smoke drafts up and doesn’t fill the tent with smoke.

If you plan on camping or surviving in a tent while hunting or fishing during the colder months of the year, the best accessory you can own is a good quality wood stove.

Not all wall tent wood stoves are created equal. for example, some of them will only hold a fire for a few hours, which means you will be constantly rebuilding your fire or getting out of bed to stoke it during the night.

Enter the Wilderness Wood Camping Stove by WallTentShop.com. The Wilderness Wood Camping stove is offered in several different sizes but I opted for the largest size as I planned on putting it in a large wall tent. I figured you can always put less wood in if you don’t need to heat a large space.

The stove is large enough to allow very large pieces of wood.

There are three things that determine how long a fire will burn in a stove. First is wood quality. Obviously, well-seasoned hardwood puts out more BTU’s and will burn for longer than softwood like pine. Second is the amount of wood you can put in the stove and the size of the pieces of wood (bigger pieces burn longer). The third is the ability to control the air/oxygen flow to the stove.

The Wilderness stove has a huge box that allows you to put in very large pieces of wood. The area I was in only had pine available so it was basically the worst wood possible to test with. The other feature of the Wilderness stove is the damper system inside the stovepipe and the gasket around the door. You can effectively shut the stove down and control the amount of heat and the length of burn. I’m happy to report that even with the pine logs the stove easily burned all the way through the night (would have gone longer than 8 hours) and kept a 13×20 wall tent dry and comfortable down into the single digits.

It either snowed or rained the entire time I tested the stove but it did a marvelous job of drying the pile of firewood stacked near it in the tent. When it was time to leave and pack up, it still had a huge bed of coals that I ended up shoveling out because they were taking forever to burn down. Watch the video for the pack up procedure.

The stove ships with everything inside.

Notice the gasket on the door. Most camp stoves don’t have one and it makes a huge difference in the ability to make the stove airtight and control the fire.

The Wilderness Stove has four threaded legs that screw into the base of the stove. They are 18 inches long and get the stove up where it’s easier to cook on and add wood to.

Base of the stove. Notice the air vent that allows you to control the amount of oxygen.

The stove pipe stacks inside itself and fits entirely in the stove when it’s packed up. Also, notice the spark arrestor/chimney cap that prevents rain and snow from coming down the stove pipe.

Here’s another shot of the spark arrestor/chimney cap.

There is an optional spark arrestor available that can be taken out and cleaned if it gunks up. This could be especially important in dry areas and if you have wood that throws lots of sparks. You don’t want to light the forest on fire and you don’t want burn holes in your tent.

The flat top is great for warming and cooking food and as a drying rack.

Notice the side shelf which comes with the stove.

There is an optional three-gallon stainless steel hot water tank available through walltentshop.com


It was easy to get a fire going in the Wilderness Wood Camping Stove.

SPECS – The Wilderness Wood stove is available in 3 different sizes. The size shown in this review is the Wilderness 5.

5″ Stove PipeWilderness 3Wilderness 4Wilderness 5
Tent Heating Capability (0 Degrees)10×1216×2018×24
Tent Heating Capability (-30 Degrees)8×1014×1616×20
Dimensions26L x 12w x 12h26L x 14w x 14h26L x 16w x 16h
Size of Firebox/Stove2.17 Cubic Feet2.95 Cubic Feet

(36% Larger than W 3)

3.85 Cubic Feet

(31% Larger than W 4)

Burn Time6-8 Hours8-10 Hours10-12 Hours
Cooktop Height with Legs30″32″34″
Weight – Stove Only59 lb70 lb82 lb
Weight – Standard Package75 lb86 lb98 lb
Weight – Deluxe Package86 lb97 lb106 lb
Standard Package: stove, pipe, rain cap/spark arrestor, damper, side shelf$325$375$430
Deluxe Package: water tank, grate + Std Package$410$455$510
Stove Only (No Accessories)$305$355$410


The Wall Tent Shop Wilderness Wood Camping stove is a great little stove. It kept a large wall tent warm and dry through some nasty weather.  If taken care of, it will no doubt last a lifetime and I can’t imagine trying to survive very long in a tent in the winter without one.

Visit the Wall Tent Shop for more information by clicking HERE.

About the author: True Pearce is the Managing Editor at GunsAmerica. He’s a competitive shooter, hunter, instructor & attorney. You can see and follow his adventures on Instagram. @true1911 https://www.instagram.com/true1911/

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