WASP Archery And Havalon Team up To Bring Us Broadheads – SHOT Show 2019

Havalon is a well-known knife company that makes knives with interchangeable surgical steel blades: or so they were. Now Havalon has partnered up with WASP Archery and has stepped into the game of making broadheads. They have brought their reputation with them which makes me believe that these broadheads will be some of the highest quality and sharpness.

The WASP Havalon HV broadhead was designed to be the sharpest and most accurate broadhead available.

Havalon has been working on this project for over 2.5 years in order to develop the broadheads into the product that they wished them to be. Undoubtedly, the WASP Havalon HV broadhead will have the sharpest and toughest blades out there but Havalon wanted them to not only be razor sharp, but fly well also. After a long process, the design that Wasp Archery and Havalon collaborated on has brought the desired accuracy results.

These broadheads come in a package with 3 complete sets and 2 replacement blade sets.

The WASP Havalon HV broadhead weighs 100 grains and has a 1 3/16 inch cutting diameter. The trocar tip of the broadhead is stainless steel and undoubtedly tough. There are reports of taking a deer with these broadheads and recovering the arrow in the dirt basically undamaged. The broadhead has an aluminum ferrule with a retaining ring and O ring in order to lock in the blades.

The cutting diameter of these broadheads is 1 3/16 inch.

These broadheads have a 0.035 inch stainless steel blade and come in a box of 3 complete sets. In this box of three, you also receive two sets of replacement blades. The MSRP is set at $44.96 and is available on WASP Archery’s website currently. With Havalon’s reputation, I would not hesitate for a second to put them in my quiver on a hunt.

The blades are changeable in the same fashion as most broadheads.

*free words of advice*

Be careful with these broadheads out there because if they are half as sharp as Havalon’s blades, many of my friends will injure themselves accidentally with them; as history has proved. All seriousness and sarcasm intended.


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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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  • Wyatt Baker June 30, 2021, 1:54 am

    can I buy this kind of broadhead from online?

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