West Virginian Kids Are Getting Discounted Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, or WVDNR, is rolling out new prices thanks to a recent bill passed. (Photo: WVDNR)

West Virginian kids can now get lifetime hunting and fishing permits at a new, lower price, thanks to a new bill passed earlier this year. Gov. Jim Justice signed Senate Bill 502 into law, which slashes the prices for licenses by more than half, depending on the age of the child.

The new tiered system gives bigger discounts to younger children but still provides lower pricing for kids under 15. The base cost for a lifetime hunting and fishing license from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, or WVDNR, is $805.

“As a lifelong hunter and fisherman myself, I know just how valuable it is for us to get our kids out in the woods or in our pristine waters. It can spark a lifetime love of the outdoors and create so many great memories,” Justice said. “This program is truly one of the best deals that’s ever been offered by our WVDNR and it will make it easier for parents and grandparents to introduce their kids to our state’s unmatched outdoor traditions.”

The price for kids who are 10 and older, but still under 15, is reduced by 10 percent to $724, while the price for kids 5 years old but less than 10 are reduced by 25 percent to $603. Kids under five get a 45 percent reduction to $442 and babies less than one-year-old get the biggest discount, 60 percent off, to $322.

The discounts range from 10 percent to as much as 60 percent. (Photo: WVDNR)

This encourages parents and guardians to buy children lifetime hunting and fishing licenses as early as possible, and gives West Virginians a huge incentive to enjoy the great outdoors. These incentives are offered for foster children and adopted kids as well.

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“I want to thank Governor Justice for his unending support and for making it easier for hunters and anglers and their families to enjoy our state’s beautiful natural resources,” WVDNR Director Stephen McDaniel said. “Thanks to the Governor’s leadership, and programs like this, we have the tools we need to recruit and retain hunters and anglers to our great state.”

People looking for more information about hunting and fishing in West Virginia can find it at the WVDNR website as well as WVHunt online. To purchase a lifetime hunting and fishing license, the WVDNR requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

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