HySkore Target Hound Target Stands Hold 1×2 & 2×4 Lumber – SHOT Show 2017

Target Hound
Target Hound Max
(At Midway $35 & $55)

I have the luxury of a private shooting range, and I have to tell you, it was the best decision I ever made. But over the years I’ve had a complete frustration with target stands. Sure, I could weld my own, but I haven’t taken my little Harbor Freight MIG welder out in years, and in many ways the DIY part of my life has passed. That has left me piecing together target frames out of wood, propping up pallets, even a bathroom door I replaced. So it was a huge score, pun intended, to find these new HySkore target stand kits at SHOT.

There are two models, the Target Hound and the Target Hound Max. If you only plan to shoot at 100 yards or less, the regular Target Hound fits targets to 18 inches wide. It will hold both 1×2 strapping and 2×4 standard construction lumber. The base is made to stay stable in a light breeze, so if you want more wind resistance, you can attach longer lumber stringers to the extended legs.

The Target Hound Max holds targets up to 28 inches, and is fully adjustable. It has ground stakes as well as outriggers, so it is sturdy enough to hang steel from as well. If you are shooting F-Class on long distance targets, the width is about the only thing I’ve seen that out of the box can handle those wide targets.

Perhaps you have to be a super gun nerd to get as excited as I am about these target stands. I know they’ll save me a lot of headaches, and if you have a private range, or you belong to a backwoods shooting club that never has any good frames left, these stands are portable yet sturdy, and probably as big a score, or HySkore, as they are for me.

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  • James W Howe Jr February 9, 2017, 11:07 am

    If you enjoy throwing away your money, by all means, buy these target stands from Hyskore. However, I note from the pictures that they are not adjustable for sloping terrain. I built my frames with 2 x 2 spruce in an H pattern plus a top cross piece as well as one at 6 inches up from the bottom. Then I made two 6 x 20 inch pieces of plywood with a half moon cutout. A bolt runs through the bottom of the target frame legs and the cutout so that the angle of the slope can be set so that the target frame sits plumb. With a wing nut on both sides, each angled base can be set independently. Just simple Yankee ingenuity, no welding needed!

    • Baldbigears February 9, 2017, 11:31 am

      @James Howe Jr. can you send me a photo of your stand. Sounds like a good project for Boy Scouts.

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