IWI-US Unveils Updated Polymer Jericho ‘Enhanced’ 9mm Pistol

IWI hasn’t forgotten about the Jericho since the release of the Masada pistol. (Photo: IWI-US)

For more information visit IWI.US.

Israel Weapon Industries and IWI-US have been teasing an updated polymer Jericho pistol for 2020 and now it’s official, with full specs online and availability hopefully soon to follow. The new handgun is called the Jericho Enhanced and like the original, comes chambered for 9mm Luger.

The original Jericho 941 is a steel-framed double-stack 9mm patterned off the popular and proven CZ-75 design and its derivatives. IWI offers a range of polymer-framed variants but they are starting to show their age and the Jericho Enhanced addresses that.

The Jericho Enhanced has a straighter, modular grip and a full-length accessory rail with five slots. It’s still a hammer-fired handgun with a large manual thumb safety that lets users carry it with the hammer down or cocked-and-locked.

In addition to an improved frame, the Jericho Enhanced has tweaked sights and controls. (Photo: IWI-US)

“First introduced in the US in 1990, the Jericho 941 has enjoyed wide acceptance by American shooters over the last 25 years,” said IWI-US. “The Jericho Enhanced features a new frame without finger grooves, adjustable backstraps, Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny front rail, new hammer profile, new trigger profile, new thumb safety lever, and Novak sights all while keeping true to form to IWI’s exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.”

The slide has also been updated with a longer sight radius and ledge-style rear sights. The slide also now has forward and rear slide serrations for press checking and other slide manipulation techniques. It’s still lightweight at just under 27 ounces unloaded.

IWI-US is offering the Jericho Enhanced as a full-size pistol with a 4.4-inch barrel and a full-length grip with a slightly improved 17+1-round capacity. Each pistol will ship with two magazines, with 10-round magazines for restricted markets.

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It looks like IWI-US plans to offer the Jericho Enhanced alongside with the earlier-generation polymer Jerichos, at least for now. The older generation of polymer Jerichos includes both full-size and mid-size options that IWI will have to replace with Enhanced versions if they’re going to phase them out completely.

It seems unlikely for IWI to continue to produce non-Enhanced polymer Jericho pistols in the long run since the new version carries the same suggested price of $559.

IWI has been working to update their handguns to bring them in-line with other popular brands and the Jericho Enhanced is a nice addition. Along with the new Masada striker-fired polymer-framed 9mm, IWI has even more options for people to pick from when they’re looking for a full-size handgun for everyday carry and home defense.

For more information visit IWI.US.

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  • Ben April 9, 2022, 11:46 am

    I bought this handgun and I love it. It is actually better than a CZ 75B. I have a question: What other gun magazines will fit in my Jericho ll ?

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