Kahr Celebrating 25 Years of Concealed Carry with Commemorative K9

The 25th Anniversary K9 is a premium steel-framed single-stack pistol. (Photo: Kahr)

Visit Kahr.com to learn more about this commemorative K9 pistol.

Kahr Firearms is celebrating more than two decades of everyday carry pistols with the new “25th Anniversary” limited edition K9. This steel-framed single-stack handgun was the gun that made Kahr one of the leading American gun companies and it deserves recognition.

While many Americans today proudly carry their guns everywhere they go, the concealed-carry culture we live in today has greatly benefited from Kahr and the competitive market it helped to create.

Kahr believes that its K9 remains its best and most successful product, and its flagship all-steel compact self-loading handgun. The 25th Anniversary builds on that with both cosmetic and functional upgrades.

“In honor of this milestone in firearms history, Kahr is proud to introduce the 25th Anniversary limited edition K9,” said Kahr. “Each 25th Anniversary gun starts out as a proven K9 pistol, chambered in 9mm and made entirely in the United States from stainless steel.”

“The K9 remains unrivaled as the pinnacle of precision engineered, all steel, single-stacked, 9mm, compact auto-loaders,” they added. “Many others have imitated the design and concept, but none have matched the K9’s reputation for quality, reliability, and accuracy.”

A quick tour of the 25th Anniversary K9’s features. (Photo: Kahr)

The limited-edition models have enhanced slides with forward and rear slide serrations, slide lightening for less perceived recoil, and “25 Years” engraved at the muzzle.

Each pistol comes with custom black Hogue grips with a Kahr pattern and logo. The barrels are given a bright polish to stand out from the Sniper Grey Cerakote finish on the slide and frame.

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In addition, they have TruGlo tritium night sights and come in a hard plastic carry case along with a matching embossed leather 1791 holster. Each pistol ships with three magazines. The MSRP for these commemorative pistols is $1,649.

It may be a commemorative edition pistol but it’s still built for everyday carry. (Photo: Kahr)

Visit Kahr.com to learn more about this commemorative K9 pistol.

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  • Wil Radford October 25, 2019, 11:50 am

    Something I would like to see:
    A 22 rimfire barrel/slide assembly so I could practice and plink with my Kahrs.

    Keep up the great works and great products.

  • Mark N. October 25, 2019, 1:03 am

    For that price they should have added front strap checkering. Not that it is needed to counter muzzle flip, I suspect that that is rather minimal, but it would give a nice solid hand grip. I’d like to shoot one, even if it is out of my price league. I find the Hogue grips interesting, as the texture on my CW9 is so harsh I added a Hogue HandAll Jr. (which is not only comfortable, it adds palm swells to a skinny little gun. Great stuff.) The holster looks like an excellent piece of work. Not so sure about the porting; I never much understood the need.

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