Kahr CW380 & CM45 … Plus 10″ Desert Eagle Barrels

Kahr Firearms
Magnum Research Firearms

The small gun market has exploded over the last few years with a vast expansion of concealed carry permit holders across America. One of the very first companies to perfect the extremely small gun was Kahr, and they carry 6 patents to that effect, many of which have actually been defended successfully in court. They are extremely high quality firearms, but the P series is very expensive, prohibitively so for many features. For this reason, Kahr started making some of their smaller guns in a C series, to bring down the overall cost. They did this by simplifying the manufacturing process, eliminating some of the more complex operations that only added marginal performance. These C series guns are still better performers than most of the other small guns in the market, at about the same price. Here at SHOT 2013 we take a look at the new CW380 and CM45. All Kahr firearms are manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts.

This video also covers Magnum Research, which is owned by Kahr. They make their guns in Minnesota, the most famous of which is the Desert Eagle. Over the years this gun has obviously been a movie gun favorite, but it has also become very popular with gun nerds and handgun hunters. For 2013 Magnum Research will be selling a 10″ barrel for their guns, in .50 and .44, and they do swap out easily with your standard barrel. Magnum Research will also be offering a porting service for their guns. For $200 they will make it look a lot cooler.

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  • Tex12B January 15, 2014, 12:50 pm

    Is he really pointing the gun at her?

  • bobthegunslinger January 17, 2013, 3:36 pm

    i`am definitely digging the new cw380 and cm45!

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