Kimber Teasing Models for 2020: Collectors’ Editions, Carry Guns and More

The Rapide is the Kimber’s flagship pistol for 2020 and comes with Truglo fiber optic night sights and is chambered for 9mm, .45 ACP and 10mm Auto. (Photo: Kimber)

Kimber America is showing off its expanded 2020 catalog with new and updated models for everyday carry, collecting and sport shooting. The 2020 lineup has new full-size 1911s, compact striker-fired pistols, and revolvers, too.

First is the new Raptor Collection Edition series which includes a full-size 1911, a micro 1911 and a striker-fired subcompact. These guns feature black and walnut G10 grips with a matching two-tone finish.

The Raptor series pistols all come with night sights and pricing starts in the $950 range. The subcompact and micro pistols will be offered in 9mm Luger while the full-size 1911 will only be available in .45 ACP.

Kimber will be adding a lot of two-tone options in 2020 including Pro Carry II, Ultra Carry II, Micro Carry II and Micro 9 models chambered for 9mm and .45 ACP as well. All of the new two-tone pistols sport rosewood laser sight grips by Crimson Trace.

The Custom, Pro Carry and Ultra Carry models are standard 1911s in full size, officer’s size and compact, while the Micro models are subcompact single-stacks in 9mm only with hinged triggers and no grip safety. These will start at around $735 and go on from there.

Kimber is adding two fancy Micro 9s next year with the Triari and the Amethyst models. The Triari has stacked cube engraved slide serrations and matching grip panels. The Amethyst pistol has a bright purple polished PVD finish with detailed scrolling and matching purple grips. These have list prices of $788 and $1,061.

Kimber has lots and lots of new models to look over. (Photo: Kimber)

Not all of these new Kimbers are pricey show guns. Included for 2020 is the new Evo SP Select, a straightforward alloy-framed, striker-fired single stack in 9mm with plain diamond-checkered, wood-hued nylon grip panels with an MSRP of just $599. Like the other Micro 9s the Evo SP Select has a 7+1-round capacity and will be offered with a black or polished stainless finish.

Kimber will release several new revolvers in the K6s series of compact 6-shot handguns chambered for .38 Special and more recently .357 Magnum. The updated series will include snub-nosed models with 2-inch barrels chambered for both time-tested cartridges in plain and ceremonial Texas Edition versions. The Texas Edition models feature engraving on the frame and cylinder and feature ivory G10 grips.

They are also expanding their service-size revolver options in .38 and .357 Mag. with 4-inch barrels in carry and target versions. Both are double- and single-action revolvers with exposed hammers. The Combat carry model has low-profile fixed sights while the Target model has tall, fully-adjustable target sights.

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And the new flagship pistol is the Kimber Rapide, an enhanced full-size 1911-pattern pistol with a lightened slide, a two-tone color scheme and wide slide serrations on the front and rear. It comes with engraved black G10 grips and black highlights with a stainless slide and frame.

The Rapide will be offered in .45 ACP, 9mm and 10mm Auto and is priced at $1,490. Like with a lot of other company’s products, we expect real-world pricing to be less across the board, whether you’re shopping online or in-person.

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