Kwik-Site Scout Scope Mount for Rail Pistols – SHOT Show 2013

The new Kwik-Site mount is for scout scopes, or long eye relief scopes, to mount on your pistol with a front rail.

You couldn’t miss the Kwik-Site booth at SHOT Show downstairs in the dungeon.

The top is the scope mount and the bottom retains the rail for other devices. As you can see it is big and beefy, but not heavy because it is aluminum.

Kwik-Site Inc.
Phone for Price: 734.326.1500

If you remember back several months ago we did a photo essay on the “no drill” scope mount from Kwik-Site for the 1903 Springfield. Well they happened to be exhibiting right around the corner from us in the dungeon at SHOT Show this year and wouldn’t you know it, they made a freakishly large rotating auto-pistol to demonstrate their new scope mount. It is a pistol mount that attaches to that front rail on our autopistols that very few of us actually use for anything (but that looks cool so we all want one).

The mount is meant to hold what most people call a “scout” scope, otherwise known as a “long eye relief” scope, which just means you don’t have to put your eye close to see a usable sight picture. Long eye relief scopes are used in the scout rifle setup, like that Ruger Scout Rifle, or the Springfield M1A Socom, or you can use them on a pistol. Some pistols, like .22 caliber target pistols, actually have a scope rail, as does the Desert Eagle and many hunting revolvers. But if you want to try to shoot your semi-auto pistol at distance, and you’d like to be able to use a scope, this unique mount is a really unique answer. Nobody downstairs could have missed it, so it is strange that you don’t see them as the front page story on SHOT 2013 coverage. The heck with that Colt USMC pistol. This is the big story! Just look at the size of that gun in the booth!

The folks at Kwik-Site are super nice and they stand behind what they make with excellent customer service. This is something of a gun range nerd device, but so be it. I want to try it instead of my nearly useless “Ransom Rest” to see how good some of my guns really are. Straight wall pistol cases are easy and cheap to reload, so this mount could make for some great new cheap long distance shooting with guns that otherwise have pistol sights that are useless past 20 yards or so. Range nerds unite! This is a nifty new product from Kwik-Site. We forgot to ask the price, so call them if you want one it isn’t on the website yet.

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  • jw February 1, 2013, 11:33 pm

    guarantee theyll sell like hotcakes, put one on an fn5.7, and bam, handheld pdw.

  • TexasVet January 30, 2013, 11:46 am

    I’m sorry, but that just looks usless. God for bid you bump it. And sure as hell wont holster it.

  • Rob January 30, 2013, 7:18 am

    Kwik-Site see-thru mounts have saved the life of many a deer. If an optical sight is not mounted to the barrel or a receiver fixed to the barrel, it will wander from zero. I dare Gunsamerica to do a test of this product off the bench versus the same pistol using iron sights from a Ransom Rest. Double dog!

    • Administrator January 30, 2013, 7:32 am

      We do hope to get one to try it. Ransom is over-rated.

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