Let Your Target Do the Work: Magneto Speed T1000 Target Hit Indicator — SHOT Show 2018

For those of us that regularly shoot steel target at long distances, spotting impacts can be difficult. Target cameras can be a viable solution, but in my experience will not last a typical day of shooting due to the loss of battery. One very innovative product I saw during the 2018 SHOT Show was the T1000 Target Hit Indicator from Magneto Speed.


  • T1000 Unit (batteries included)
  • Spare replacement reflector
  • Spare set of mounting velcro straps
  • Aiming tool
  • Full Instructions


The T1000 Target Hit Indicator attaches via velcro to the back of a steel target. When the target is hit, the T1000 Target Hit Indicator will flash a red light. If the bullet misses the target, the Indicator will register the sound of the bullet flying by and flash a yellow light. The majority of the T1000 Target Hit Indicator is hidden behind the steel target where it is safe from bullet impacts except for a thin small plastic reflector which can withstand several hundred hits and can be easily replaced for $11.

As previously mentioned I have done a lot of long range and extreme long range shooting. I recently participated in a 4000-yard shooting event. The target cameras that we set out at range ran out of batteries, or in one instance were disabled due to flying debris from a bullet. Toward the end of the day, we were flying drones down to the target to check for impacts. The T1000 would have been an awesome tool to have, not only for alerting us to impacts but letting us know if we were close.

Pricing and Availability

The T1000 Target Hit Indicator is available and can be purchased on Magneto Speeds website. I will be purchasing two of these units in the near future. Magneto Speed did an amazing job with this product. The MSRP on this unit will be $150.

For more info about Magneto Speed targets, click here.

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  • Perf February 3, 2018, 11:16 am

    They would have been a great tool to have for sure,I have some on the way for the next soot this spring!

  • Wzrd February 2, 2018, 5:41 pm

    That’s cool. The device being hit by stray bullets was my main concern when I began reading but the solution is simple & apparently cheap. Maybe you should add the estimated battery life to this promo. That’s my only question going away.

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